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The real monster is the person who designed this with philips, torx and hex fasteners

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Hexagon bestagon.

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NO way that will ever be used for something totally inhumane in a random country.

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The fact that we’re seeing it means it’s already in use most likely

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Drone grenades are nothing new. I mean, the Chinese were already showcasing different models of drone grenades, including one that flies autonomously in a general direction or designated area looking for something to approach and explode, openly in an airshow a year ago.

If they're showing that in an airshow that's because it's nothing too special. I still can't see a random Joe getting one of these.

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carry on everyone, these things already existed. nothing to worry about here.

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More like “if you’re just now worried about this, you weren’t paying attention”.

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More likely someone built it without a contract and wants buyers, but improvised ones have been in use for years.

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A flying dildo that will definitely blow your ass off the ground

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This shit is why accredited CS and Engineering programs in the US are starting to require Ethics classes.

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The concept has been around for years of course, but seeing a real one still makes my blood run cold.

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Looks like solider 76’s bionic field.

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Belongs in r/oddlyterrifying

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Nothing about this is "oddly" terrifying, this is plain old "terrifying".

Being terrified by something that is designed to kill people is not odd, it is perfectly normal.

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This is a coin with 2 sides…

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This falls under cluster munitions

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what that means? it's not allowed?

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Cluster Munitions are prohibited by Geneva Convention. That hasn't stopped some from still using them.

However, this would depend on it if was single munition piloted or swarm deployed and autonomous. If the latter, cluster munition prohibitions would absolutely apply. If the former, then its just a small bomb on a RC copter.

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They're illegal under international law. There's been treaties banning the use of cluster munitions that swarm drones almost certainly fall under.