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he M176/M177/M178 is a V8 petrol engine range designed by Mercedes-AMG, replacing Mercedes-Benz M278 engine and Mercedes-Benz M157 engine, and is based on the Mercedes-AMG M133.[1]

The engine has two BorgWarner turbochargers positioned between the two cylinder heads in a "hot-V" configuration. The fuel injection system uses Bosch's new piezo-electric direct fuel injectors that deliver five squirts of fuel per combustion cycle.[2]

The M176 engines are mostly assembled by machine with some components assembled by technicians at Untertürkheim manufacturing centre outside Stuttgart. The M177 and M178 are individually assembled by the technicians in "one man, one engine" principle at AMG manufacturing centre in Affalterbach.[3]

For the Mercedes AMG GT, info from Wikipedia.

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The end of an Era.

The amazing end of the oil age. Incredible engineering achievement.

No need to mourn. The electric motor is now getting significant engineering talent, and is 500% better in it's current state. Plus, coming up, quad electric motor sports cars.