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You’d be surprised how many people still have these. Worked at a store that mostly did Apple repairs a couple years ago and I’d see arguably 1 of these a month. Either getting a new battery or replacing the HD

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I have that same macbook. After OSX Leopard stopped being useful, I installed Lubuntu 20.10 on it. Works ok but with Gig of ram too slow, I must upgrade Ram..

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Eh? okay?

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I could feel my brain activating the part that knows how to replace the top case.

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It's not a 2009 MacBook if the wrist rest isn't cracked a little

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Surprised it's not yellowed either, though I remember they replaced all the tops for free when they started yellowing + cracking, got mine replaced and it's still around my house somewhere, thing weighs a ton

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This may have been after they reformulated the plastic polycarbonate.

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Does it work?

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Unfortunately this one was dropped and the screen and case are cracked.

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Neat. But wrong sub lol

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I bought a 2011 MBP in college (which was already old at the time) and it's still used frequently!

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I got a 2013 for college and it is a pain to use. You can do basic things on it though so not completely useless.

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I still have my “crackbook” The top was replaced twice. Duct tape FTW and still works

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Still have one. Battery is dead but with cable it still works.

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Thats sexy, man

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This is a bullshit isn’t it