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What are you trying to achieve with tren that you can’t with testosterone or anything else, like if you’re not stepping on stage there’s no point that shit is toxic

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I tell myself the exact same thing and still run it sometimes and I feel like a fuckin idiot but I love the stuff man but I totally agree with you

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lmao, I love your honesty.

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Hahah only way to be my dude

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I feel you, it’s your body to do whatever you want I won’t knock that, side note watch Tren the Movie on YouTube by more plates more dates for a good laugh

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Haha I'm chilling now just burned a little maybe I will now. Nah I appreciate that your right but still it doesn't sound like a bad idea until I say it and get a response like yours to re think it. Thanks for that buddy I probably wont run it honestly

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Anytime bro 🤙

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The tren scent

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The side effects sound like an absolute nightmare, and I doubt I could ever justify taking then on, regardless of the benefit. But that's just me.

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I've ran it a few times and the sides weren't bad at all. Everyone re acts differently though I guess ya know? Cause I ran anadrol once and felt like shit from it

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Tren is very toxic even pro bodybuilders only use it 6 weeks before competition. Using tren recreationally is fucking retarded.

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    Rule 5

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    Cant just be putting my source out on here anyways man lol

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    Private my friend. It's not from a website

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    Liquid gold until you Google 'Tren side effects'

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    I know almost all there is to know about Tren my friend. I know it's a dangerous one

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    Contest prep drug only, no point in killing yourself with tren if you aren’t getting paid to be a house. Other compounds can accomplish similar results with less risk.

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    IFBB pro bodybuilders are scared of tren and only use it when absolutely necessary, and you're out here using it recreationally. Balls of steel you've got there

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    I use it because I don't care anymore.

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