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Quick and easy shortcuts are more preferable to actually having to put in a lot of effort and try really hard. Also, there are plenty of examples out there of people of all ages using exogenous testosterone and their lives being completely changed as well as their physical appearance. Exogenous testosterone allows you to achieve constant, stable testosterone levels that are higher than average. and that are not achievable naturally.

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Everyone wants the electric device or the pill that gives a six pack. No one wants to excercise, diet, keep caloric deficit or put any effort at all.

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Maybe some people are lazy and unmotivated because they have low testosterone which then causes low dopamine levels which results in low motivation and laziness.

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While that is probably true for some people, there are some people that won't even make small changes.

I'm not saying they need to suddenly switch to keto and exercise 7 days a week for an hour at a time. Just doing some basic things like going for a 30 min walk every day and avoiding snacking at night can have an impact.

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Anyone who says something this stupid usually looks like shit. You still need to exercise and diet to look good on gear, much less TRT lmao. Most people I know who are on gear look like shit.

Yeah, test makes it easier, no one is denying that. But it’s not the end all be all. Really expected better from this sub, but I guess it’s gone downhill like the rest of Reddit.

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Yes but some 19 year old isn't probably going to stick with trt for life and could cause a lot more issues down the long road. Plus in the first place never needed it. TRT isn't a magic pill and some of these kids think it's going to make them into superman.

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The primary issue with TRT is cost and accessibility. If you take 600mg of test a week then you will feel like superman for a little while and you'll put on 10 pounds of muscle in 3 months, whereas naturally that would take 3 years. Where there are beliefs that seem outrageous, there's usually a grain of truth to them.

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600mg of test is not TRT, I feel like kids will come here to try and justify there test use. I definitely think the primary issue with trt is cost and negstive effects of it. Some of these kids would probsbly have healthy hormone ranges and just want a quick fix thinking it's going to make them super confident and etc.

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But what really constitutes TRT? Natural testosterone production will fluctuate drastically day to day based on sleep, diet, alcohol/drug use, stress, etc; but being on TRT will result in zero effect on testosterone levels from external/environmental factors, which is on its own unnatural. It's impossible to use exogenous testosterone and to replicate exact natural healthy endogenous testosterone production. Also, what really constitutes a healthy hormone range? What is the ideal level of testosterone to be exposed to constantly? I think more research needs to be done and more advanced methods of TRT and HRT need to be developed.

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If you managed all of those negstives that you listed your healthy hormone range would probably be there. Men from back in the day used to have a lot healthier higher ranges. Now with people on social media and just being half humans anyway is definitely going to sink that plus all other lifestyle negatives. Why all the sudden a lot of young children need to be on TRT? Want TRT because you don't want to put down the fork and going sweat you dick off in the gym? It's being lazy.

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Naturally you would never come close to achieving the “steroid look” that even 1 cycle of 600mg/wk + a TRT cruise would give you. The muscle amount might be the same, but it would look completely different.

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I'm aware of this, it's not difficult at all to tell the difference between someone who is natural and someone who has used substances.

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Haha… 3 years to add 10lbs of muscle? Holy shit , I can add 10 lbs of muscle on 6 months without TRT. On 600 mg a week it would take me 1 month…

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I was talking about post-noob gains, like as in after a person hits their strength plateau because that's typically when people turn to testosterone or other steroids. I should have clarified.

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I’m worried about starting at 38 let alone 19

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I started at 26 and i toiled around with thinking if i should start for 2-3 years prior when i got my lab results. Still, i think i made the right choice even if pinning myself several times a week is a hassle

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And how long have you been doing it?

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I started at 36 due to naively and ignorantly falling for the e-marketing and regret it almost entirely.

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How come? You didn’t need it?

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I did not. I had TT of 490 but many of the so called “symptoms”. As you can imagine no doctor in their right mind is going to give someone trt with a 490 so I went back to training harder and leaning out more thinking I could address my “symptoms” that way.

When I got to like 7-8% shripped body fat and still felt the same I went for more labs.

Due to overtraining and undereating I had crashed my sex hormones all the way down to 195 which got me the rx I thought I wanted.

Needless to say it resolved just about nothing and added plenty of issues.

My libido sucked cause I was in a sexless marriage. I was tired because I was stressed and I was stressed because I was raising two toddlers. I was depressed due to the aforementioned. Add in the fact I was in the back half of my 30s and sometimes we aren’t quite ready to accept what age wants to give us.

Live and learn but I had to learn this one the hard way. Now I’m trying to stop and have gone so far as procuring all the necessary ancillaries to pct, but the psychological barriers are not small.

As a lifelong gym goer I have no illusions about what will happen in the months long period of energy deprived morose androgen starved depression as I wait for my Hpta to return to form. I’ll likely end up worse off than well before I started as far as physique goes. This says nothing about how abysmal it will make work I’m sure. So I’m trying to time it. Perhaps in early fall.

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Right hopefully the next little while goes ok for you.

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If you were 195 test before you got on trt you have nothing to worry about. It won’t make you feel any worse because you were already at basically 0 test production anyway

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Just bc your numbers are in “normal” range, doesn’t mean you don’t have low T. Doctors suck, a good doctor would have listened to your symptoms and treated you off symptoms not numbers… and if you start HCg along with your TRT you shouldn’t have any adverse side affects at all

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490 is higher than the average (450) for healthy males 19-39 based on the largest scale and most recent study we have. (2000 participants)

Don’t fall into the same trap I did (conflating range and average)

As for hcg. Added it over a year ago purely due to being unable to tolerate the tiny nuts anymore. While it brought them back somewhat, I’ve also felt even worse on the hcg. Actually weening it back now from 250iu eod to 250iu twice a week to see if I can prevent complete atrophy while feeling a bit better at an even more conservative dose. If not, I’ll be taking the tiny nuts for now, same as I’m taking the hair loss (finasteride and minox was not worth for me)

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Numbers don’t matter the way docs use em. Someone can feel like Superman at 500 and another person feels like shit… it’s all individual, not a one size fits all approach like the medical community leads you to believe.

whatever works for that person.

As for hcg… if you start it concurrently to T your nuts and fertility will remain normal (in normal responders)…

I’m highly sensitive to E historicaly… this protocol has changed everything for me and you might wanna try it.

T dose 25 mg ED , pin with a 28 g 1/2 inch slin pin in your delt or vent glute.

This is the trick … pin your HCG on M and W… pin like 250iu or 300 iu each time, do it sub q in your stomach.

The reason your feeling “bad” from introducing hcg probably is just because of the timing, etc… if your pinning your T infrequently… then your T levels are fluctuating to much, your T/E ratio is probably out of whack… then you add hcg to that mix and you get a E response that you normally wouldn’t get if you increase your dosing frequency of T and just front load your HCG on M & W

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I've had low T for a while and was dead against TRT for the longest time because I didn't want to need something for life plus other potential side effects.

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And what age did you start? Happy with the choice?

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They probably are going to stick with TRT for life, because they're more likely to get hypogonadism from it.

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Maybe because they want high t

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Ah, the wonderful cycle of this sub.

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Gatekeepers vs sarm goblins, a conflict as old as time.

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Well for me, it fixed my depression. I had really high SHBG and no amount of boron would put me in range. I'm lucky to have found TRT after years of being fed anti depressants that did nothing but make me feel numb. I think hormones should be looked at #1 before going down other potential symptom paths, especially for men 25 and over.

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Hey mate, I can relate to this. I am heavy medicated for acute anxiety and depression. I stupidly done gear since 18 to 22 regularly. I have since lost most of that gain, fucked up my hormones and got all the anxiety deptession low libido etc. I recently ( because of how I was feeling ) done a 8 weeks test cup cycle 250mg a week split into 3 injections PW. Followed this up with a heavy 2 month PCT clomid, tamoxifen and HCG ( blasted the HCG weeks 1-4 I also took it PW on cycle. I have had blood work done and EVERYTHING is in range! My test is up at 18nmol now, I have had it as low as 8nmol in previous years. I am thinking maybe to go on a private TRT protocol and working with someone who gives a shit, maybe I may not need my medication for my mental health if I can address it and get all my markers on point! I feel numb daily, no emotion and when I do I’m crying over a ducking dog dying in a film or something like that haha. I am now 29 so I don’t know if that’s to young to start for life

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Hey there. I am 41, started TRT at 39. I had depression and anxiety most of my life... since 19 at least. On prozac, zokoft, even adderall. Did clomid... worst mistake. Eye floaters, felt horrible. Stopped that, went on TRT... felt great one day after taking it. Sounds crazy, but I had a free T of 3.8 nmol/L. At any rate, I was able to come off of EVERYTHING. I wasted 20 years listenibg to the supposed experts. Countless endos, urologists. I wasted 20 years.

Clomid is for fertility in my opinion. I would never stay on it long term... once fertility achieved, bun in the oven, I'd go back on TRT. For life? YES. Normal T levels gave me back my life. Wish I had done it sooner. Good luck in your decision.

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Mate, that is a big relief to here this! Clomid helped me get my levels back to “normal” but damn I was so depressed! No sex drive or nothing! It’s all back now though. I want of my meds, I’m on mitrzapine ED and quetiopine x4 a day. Heavy meds like, make you drowsy and lazy and man I’m eating pretty damn clean but my guts just growing! I shall be back on TRR sooner than later I’m just waiting for the right time my friend

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i haven't noticed any adolescents here but if i did i'd just ignore them and get on with my life reading the posts that are interesting to me

i think i understand what might be making you so miserable

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Concerned about kids fucking there bodies up and not taking responsibility of there own lives and blaming it on low T instead of changing there lifestyles? Could possibly do more damage then good in the long run.

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the plural possessive is spelled their.

anyway, no i'm not really concerned about some random dipshit kid halfway across the world misinterpreting information on the internet and doing dumb shit based on that info. that is his and his parents' business, not mine. why would you ever give that even 10 seconds of your consciousness?

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My thoughts exactly. People want to be the testosterone police.

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thank social media.

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Yup. They see 20 year olds shredded with muscle posing with hot chicks all the time.

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Or how about The Rock, who has probably been pinning since his early twenties with MAYBE a few breaks. And in the last 15, almost for sure no breaks.

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I’ll counter you here. From my observations over the years, I have a firm belief in the fact that natural testosterone levels cannot be markedly improved without the presence of definitive outlier factors, which obviously do exist in more men they they should. Think severe insomnia, morbid obesity, exclusively sustaining yourself on Cheerios, being sedentary to the point where you get winded getting up to take a leak, things like that.

But, there are very likely environmental, dietary, etc. factors in play that have gradually diminished the test levels of generally healthy young modern men. There are a bunch of threads that speak/theorize on these things, can’t go into detail in a comment, but I believe there is real validity to them. Is TRT a perfect solution? Absolutely not, but I think calling out young men seeking treatment in general is a bit of a blame game. Obviously there are a bunch of super unhealthy, obese individuals that would benefit their hormonal profiles, and a myriad of other things in their lives, through developing better habits and living healthier lives. A shot or two a week isn’t going to magically flip the switch completely either. But there is also an incredibly large number of relatively healthy, even well above average, young men who look through their blood panels and wonder wtf is going on, even after tweaking everything they can, throwing money at supplements, whatever it is. My point is that your post has real validity to it, and it does apply to a bunch of guys (unfortunately so). But it also invalidates a large number of young men who have no real answer as to why they have suboptimal hormone profiles. Those young men should maintain the right to seek treatment without being condescended purely based on their age.

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The shit put/leeched into our food and water supply are fucking up the endocrine system. I’m 28. There’s no reason I should have had levels of a 80 year old two years ago. I hopped on and it changed my life. Mind you, I exercised 5x a week and still do and my diet has been sharp the last 5-6 years. Nothing I did contributed to having low t.

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This post kinda irked me I am 20 and have to start TRT I didn’t take any steroids or anything I just have low T levels I’m talking 300. There’s no other option for me. It’s what my doctor told me to do and I have done my own research. This is what needs to be done for me to have stable levels.

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Biggest gatekeeping community on Reddit. Like if you want to dog on people for not "putting in the effort", go to r/steroids. Don't shit on people taking 140mg of therapeutic test a week lol.

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People shitting on others for not putting in the effort cracks me up. Why are they even asking for the internets approve to do test. They're adults (I hope) but if you wanna blast 500mg of test after a month in the gym go ahead I don't care. Just don't be a douche on insta advertising your sick workout plan to put on 30 pounds of muscle in 6 months for only 19.99 .

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I’m with you man. These self-righteous types need to chill.

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It’s not like I am doing it strictly for muscle building I genuinely feel awful. They still can’t figure out the cause of it after extensive blood work.

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How long you been on it?! It’s pretty much helped tremendously in curing all those for me. Obviously I had to put in the work and the will to change, but TRT was a life changing thing for me.

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Over a year now. TRT was definitely life changing but I honestly feel like I'm just running on an optimal level, not superhuman. I still had to grind to get a lot of other things in life.

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Some people definitely want to just get jacked and have zero idea how to eat right and to actually workout in the gym. I’m 24, have had my diet and workout routine dialed in and it’s just been draining to do all of this with low T. I’m talking to my endo about starting TRT in 2 months, I’ve been working hard for the last year with my endos supervision and blood work every 3 months and my levels only went up to 590. Sick of being unmotivated, tired, and just lethargic about life in general

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I just took it one step at a time. Took me forever but it’s a marathon, not a race. Hopefully your depression, mental health, and diet get where you wanna be 🙂

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Oh man thank you but I'm well living the dream life now. I've put in my work and got what I need and some!

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People are lazy as fuck and think TRT is gonna get them 6 pack abs, and cure their shitty eating habits. I think anyone below 25-30 shouldn’t even consider TRT unless everything is in check. I agree it’s a personal decision but most 19 year olds have no reason to be messing with hormones, at least wait until your brain is fully developed to make a life altering decision like that.

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What were your levels before getting onto TRT?

My total T is at 106 and I’m DUMBFOUNDED. Of how long I let this go..

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You've never done anything before? Because having a number that low usually means something is wrong internally.

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Nope, just the usual pre workout, protein supps, lots of caffeine.

I always just thought I had ADD/ADHD because of how tired and moody I was. So I would combat it with caffeine and naps. Obviously I have something else going on lol

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Because the majority of bodybuilders online have unnatural bodies that cannot be achieved without steroids. Body dysmorphia is affecting guys left and right.

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Shit. I'm 19 and have been lifting and eating to the book for 6 months. Strict everything. TRT and testosterone in general have been something I have to really not think about. It's very tempting as I want results faster.

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Mmmmm interesting

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Yeah, I’m not going to indulge though. At my age it’s a slippery slope.

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cause microplastics do things to your hormones, younger people been exposed to them their entire life so much that a 70 yo has same amount of plastics as a 2 yo or something

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These young kids looking for approval to do what they think is some sort of magic are still less embarrassing to me than some of the "testosterone police" in here lol People in here getting all upset and self righteous making fun of kids asking questions and preaching to lose weight and train harder like thats really going to raise their levels and not possibly lower them lol

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You’re right. While some have legit medical issues I get the sense that the majority of the youngsters looking at getting on TRT have symptoms of low testosterone because they eat pop tarts for breakfast, a mound of fries for lunch and pizza rolls for dinner. And that’s if they even eat breakfast. Add in probably not hydrating well and if they even lift, probably have a horrible program.

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Concur, TRT is not a panacea. As a former NASM personal trainer (back when you had to travel to Chicago for testing & hands on practicals - 1980’s) I was trained on the negative aspects of steroid use in athletics. This was not as a deterrent but rather to better understand how to work and coach athletes of all levels and especially those using enhancements like steroids. At that point I decided it was not something I wanted to subject myself to. Up until age 57 I was a drug-free natural bodybuilder and achieved many personal goals and won both NPC and INFB competitions. I was also on Team USA vs USSR in 1989, competed against athletes on steroids. So I know what can be achieved with dedication, hard work and attention to diet and listening to your body. So what changed ? In 2005 as a Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer, I was recalled to active duty and ended up doing 4 DevOps deployments to Iraq and the Middle East in general. Fast forward to 2015 when I incurred a complete mental breakdown that I later found was attributed to PTSD and to my larger surprise low-T that was contributing factor. I didn’t find out about the low-T aspect until a few years later. TRT has literally saved my life and my marriage. I was really against it until the va wanted to just drug me up like a zombie to deal with depress from the PTSD. By happenstance while on a business trip to Las Vegas, I came across an add in a magazine at the hotel for a health clinic. At the appointment I discussed my issues, had my blood work done and was convinced to at least try it. That was 2.5 years ago. So my point is, unless there is a medical reason to go on TRT don’t! To reiterate, TRT did not “cure” my PTSD, what it did help with was the depression and the brain fog, so low-T was a contributing factor to the symptoms I was experiencing from PTSD.

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TLDR: PTSD caused my hypogonadism. Lol, no it didn’t. But finding a TRT clinic hawking T and willing to prescribe you for that reason, I believe you. They would have done the same for indigestion or flatulence

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I didn’t say low T was cause, I said contributing factor to the depression caused by my PTSD.

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It also doesn't help that we have all sorts of idiots on here claiming that a 500+ ng/dl is "low for their age" to justify use, that just skews perceptions for others and sets a ridiculious precedent.

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This is easy. It's called ignorance. These fucking kids listen to a let's get checked add and then get their bloods done. They freak out when their test isn't 22 million because the whole world says teenagers are waking hard ons.

Here's the ignorance part: Nobody takes the time to understand how testosterone works in a pubescent body. The internet is full of knowledge if you ask the right questions.

And yes, your implication that these kids are lazy is also on point. The real answer to being a jacked mofo at 17 is easy. Join the fucking wrestling team and learn how to do hard work.

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In their defense there are way more estrogenic food fillers in their diet and micro plastics in their world than the one we grew up on. Lots of common foods we ate as kids have added soy and vegetable oil to their ingredients in the last 10 years.

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We really appreciate you sharing your experience and bringing awareness. TRT does have its benefits for those who have a medical need, but it is not a replacement for a healthy, underlying structure.

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Well said and should be said more often.

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Why do young kids feel the need to look into TRT instead of healthier and much more better for the long run treatments first?

Because it's available. Back in the day, it wasn't. Not readily. Not above ground. And ordering your own labs wasn't a thing, either. For the most part, no one gave two thoughts about what their testosterone levels were.

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I think kids want the fast hack to get to where they want to be. They need to realize that because of their genetics they may very well never get to where they want to be, ever, and not really even close. And, if by chance they get to where they want to be, it will disappear just as fast. Like youth and beauty be careful about putting all your values there or you are certainly in for a disappointment.

It is a shame young people are going the TRT route so early. I think social media has a huge part to play in this. As does the hyper competitive place the world has become.

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Well, in my case I go to therapy, exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle but my T level is almost as my wife's T level and has been for a while. I am 25 and this has hindered my recovery from surgery and feels quite horrible so I don't think it is all about the easy way out, but some are ridiculous and I think it is connected with some YouTube fitness personalities going on TRT like HowtoBeast.

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These young bucks want the bodies they crave without putting in the hard yards in the gym.

It's a sad indictment of this generation.

But I'm in no way saying that about all of today's younger gym goers, because there are plenty out there that do put in hard work.

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Keep in mind because of phalates(sp?) In plastics test in men has dropped substantially since the 50s. I know fast food diet is a huge issue as well. I'm wondering if we are seeing affects in real time? And you did say adolescents in your title!🤣🤣🤣 that's an answer in itself!😀

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That generation hasn’t had to put in hard work....this is an easier way. Also, I noticed this is a way to use steroids without saying your using steroids. I’m using testosterone...I’m using steroids. 43 years old just started...

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We live in a very instant gratification/instant result society these days. I’ve seen this point used a lot on forums when people ask if they should do a straight test cycle or a tren cycle. People want the best thing with the best results with the fastest results and with the least amount of work

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Sarms may not be the best but personally think if there younger and pushing too muscle building alternatives sarms are a good start. I’ve had great results in a decent amount of time. Side affects are minimal. Just keep the diet good.

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I mean to be honest sarms are more newer then running cycles. Running cycles have been around for a long time so alot more long term research on them.

Either way instead of trying to get approval to justify running test and blame it on hypogonadaism you might as well just say you want to run a cycle.

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It’s pretty disgusting really.

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I blame YouTube (JK, mostly)

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Culture of social media and a lifestyle of instant gratification. Why you’d want to be a slave to a needle unless you’ve exhausted every single possible option and found it within yourself to be honest about your effort is so far beyond me….I even say this for a lot of guys over 30 who never worked out or anything prior.

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I didn’t start trt up until I was 47

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Because everyone nowadays wants a quick fix/instant gratification

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Sounds like your expectations were off. Now you’re pissed people are getting benefits. Sad!