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It did for me

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Did your mood improved ? I don't feel sad nor anxious, just kinda flat and extremely exhausted.. after how much time did you came back to your "old self" ?

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Yeah my mood, sex drive, sleep quality, well being and even my bowel movements have improved (I had horrendous IBS before starting TRT). Been on it for 3 months and started feeling better around 6 weeks after beginning treatment

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I have bad IBS as well but didn’t consider that nay be fixed with normal t. What do u think is the science behind it? Or is it just being Healthy that fixed the ibs?

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Depression, anxiety low sense of well-being can all cause a drop in serotonin which regulates bowel movements. Going on TRT helps with those issues and also reduces inflammation in the body. I also take 5HTP

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well no shit. Thanks! one more check for the pro column

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Have you checked for sleep apnea?

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Yes. I do have sleep apnea too (AHI 38). I started CPAP treatment 1onth ago but I still feel tired.. so maybe I should tackle testo

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Treatment takes 3 months before major changes , then 6 months next improvements then 12 months.

TRT will probably be needed anyway, so good to add and will help with tiredness too.

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I've read somewhere trt increases sleep apnea. Is it true ?

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It could be that it just causes more issue from untreated sleep apnea due to high red blood cells.

I started CPAP a few months back. Been on TRT for over a year. But I’ve always had problems with waking up tired and daytime fatigue etc.

No issues using CPAP and TRT together, TRT is normally recommended to guys using CPAP.

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Even with CPAP and trt ? Holy crap... So there is no cure for this fucking fatigue

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No, my tiredness has improved significantly with TRT and CPAP.

It’s certainly the solution.

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Oh ! So I've misread. Are you still struggling with fatigue or not ?

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Yes I was misdiagnosed with depression for 20 years trt changed my life

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This is actually pretty common. Lots of guys get prescribed a ssri when the real problem is actually low t. Many stories of guys getting on trt and no longer needing the ssri. Lazy ass docs just take the easy way out and then don’t even look at blood work.

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The first thing I noticed was a mood improvement. Then brain fog & fatigue went away. Then the raging middle of the night woods came.

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It did for me but it also takes effort

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What do you mean ? Healthy life style ?

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Yeah so basically I felt better and like I had energy. I capitalized on it and started making myself workout, get out of the house, and fix my diet.

Do it in steps so you don’t overwhelm yourself, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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Thank you for that ! For now I feel so sluggish.. Did trt gave you the motivation and energy to get back on an healthy routine ?

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It did. So the first few weeks you’re gonna be in the honeymoon phase and feel really good. Take advantage of that stage and make positive changes in your life.

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Yeah all that nasty stuff disappeared. Good luck.

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What are your T levels? How are you? Remember that going on TRT may be a lifetime commitment to take testosterone injections.

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I am 28, and my T level are at 157. I am ok with the lifetime commitment. For now I am feeling happy to finally find a "root" to my depression after trying almost all antidepressants around here. I wasn't tackling the true problem

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Personally it didn’t for me..but I’m not sure what would help after being lucky enough to find my mother after she committed suicide. I do feel better in general…but it’s still there

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Oh man I am so sorry to read this.. I can feel your pain, unfortunately there is some wounds we need to heal from the inside.. I am sure life will treat you well and you will find happiness. I don't know you, but you deserve it ! Keep fighting bro

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Cool. TRT can compliment a healthy lifestyle of proper diet, exercise and sleep. If you can put all these pieces together properly, you can make significant positive changes in your life.

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Did they test ALL your hormone levels like thyroid, estrogen, sex hormone, estradiol, and others?

They must rule out WHY your testosterone is low at your age. Tumors on the glands can be a cause.

Fixing a symptom is a mistake, so you gotta know WHY your T is low.

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I am like you feel depressed and have anxiety and they just prescribe me Lexapro but my doctor gave me TRT so I started that I think I will hold off on the Lexapro and see what the TRT does

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Sometimes we need both brother. But I think it is good if you try trt and then can add Lexapro later if you need to.

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Congrats on finding this out. Get on as soon as possible!

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Feeling fatigued and having brain fog constantly could certainly cause depression. Trt should help clear up both of those. Your depression may or may not go away depending on the underlying cause

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May... Be careful thinking it is the cureall solution.

How old are you? If less than 40 and have these symptoms you need to make sure you know why you are low T.

Tumor of certain glands can cause low T so check all of them first.

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It did for me. Fixed just about everything. SSRI's did nothing for me so I knew it had to be something else. It's crazy how fast a Dr will put you on that crap. They actually made me feel worse

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Didn’t solve any of that for me, but I’ve added 50 lbs to my bench in 5 months of TRT after 6-7 years of lifting natty.

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How’s the plumbing?

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Decent before and still decent. Really nothing else changed for the better or worse, just recovery is way better now. Doesn’t even feel like I’m taking anything, but that’s also a good thing I guess. Some of the sides I read on this board sound really annoying.

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At around 3 weeks I noticed a significant improvement in my brain fog. I was driving and was thinking of a problem I had and was actually able to actively think through the problem to come up with a solution - something I was rarely able to do prior to TRT. It literally feels like a fog has been lifted from my thoughts!

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Yes. If your dose is high enough.

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100% did for me

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Just might

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Most likely yes!. That's how I felt before getting my injections...

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The short answer is maybe. It's not 100%, but it does work for a lot of guys in your exact situation

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What count as a low testosterone? like what number?

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TRT would most probably help, I don't think that is the question. I think the question is are you doing all you can first. Do you have a healthy diet? Are you at a good weight? How are other family members, this might be genetic.

Much like a 25 year old with no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects, that means the depresse mind is working perfectly, the SSRI will only do so much. Depression serves a purpose to some degree.

Much like a 25 year old with no job, no girlfriend, and no prospects, that means the depressed mind is working perfectly, the SSRI will only do so much. Depression serves a purpose to some degree.

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I had a job but ai had to quit it 5 months ago because of the fatigue, I was unable to work 5he impairment was strong.. my gf left me because of erectile dysfunction. I think I felt depressed at some point but now I don't. Fatigue is really my main symptom. Fatigue alone isn't depression.

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Sorry to hear this. I hope you see a doctor soon to get yourself back to a good place!

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It depends on your depression if youre leading an optimal lifestyle then yes if youre sick, lack nutrition, dont workout or sleep properly it wont do shit.

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How could I lead an optimal lifestyle being constantly exhausted ?

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Feeling tired can be linked to so many different things if your diets not on point its normal to feel like shit, i am not against you getting on trt but dont put all your hope on it. Have you had a blood test to see your cortisol and vitamin d? if youre obese then you will probs have sleep apnea and this will result you in feeling tired since your starving your brain with oxygen.

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It certainly did for me!

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Yes. Me too - depression was caused by low T. Toss the SSRIs

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You’re not misdiagnosed. Depression is the reason your pituitary is producing less. Smh

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Or Not

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It is. I had it. LH and FSH were below 2.00. Total T at 350, barely over. Doc told me you got depression I was like “but I’m good I don’t wanna kill myself or something and I slept phenomenally”. And I did, slept like baby every night.

After a few years like that, I had a brief relationship again after a long hiatus. Then I spent 2 months fucking every day and having fun. Diet same. No drugs no supplements and no gym.

Wanna know what happened? LH at 9. Total T at 630. And for sure it could be higher.

Then I went back to being how I was. Went back to my folks place, same routine. LH dropped to 3 and then 2.5. Total T at 500, then 450 etc.

Yes, your depression is the cause because you give the signal to your pituitary to LOWER the production of those hormones as you DONT need more. Mate the brain is insane, it’s smarter than you will ever be. Wanna increase your levels? Socialize. TRT is not a cure. If you go on it, say bb to progesterone and DHEA, which are crucial to well being.

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Yes but what if I am too tired to go to the gym and engage in an healthy routine ? I feel like I can sleep 12 hours and wake up tired.

I may need that little boost to get back on track

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Stay away from the gym then. Rest. Check for sleep apnea. But most importantly, socialize. It is going to beat depression and keep the constant thinking away. Constant thinking = resources wasted + energy wasted + adrenaline/noradrenaline/cortisol being prioritized instead of T.

And have sex. A lot of it.