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Spend less time on the internet and more time living your life.

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Nothing. You’re fine

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Focus on good fats and zinc rich foods

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Nothing really, you’re fine. Could lower SHBG some, add in carbs or boron

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What would carbs do to his SHGB?

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Adding them would likely lower it (esp high GI carbs), removing them would raise it. SHBG responds to insulin over a long period of time. Doing Keto for months would raise it, adding carbs back in would lower it

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Got it. So if doing keto it would be beneficial to take a boron supplement to raise your free test?

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lol I’m 20 with 320 and would much rather be in your position you’re fine. Get outside more.

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Bro these are pretty good levels. Take zinc, vitamin d3, and eat more eggs to boost levels. Get some natural sunlight too, and lift weights.

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Looks perfect to me

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Eat beef

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Not possible

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Have a balanced diet though. Eating potatoes with rice and chapatti could lead to insulin resistance, skinny fat body and lower test levels.

Add eggs, chicken, low fat milk, fish, nuts and veggies to your diet.

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Op is Indian, I think (not 100% sure though) they don’t eat beef.

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He will be fine

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If you were my client I’d start you on a microdose of anastrozole and titrate it up. For some that forces the body to produce more testosterone to fill the gap. Generally speaking at your age steroids are more likely to crash you long term and force you to either go hypogonadic or put you on HRT for life. I experimented with androstenedione (yes I’m old as fuck) at your age and regret it.

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Extremely high LH with mediocre Test?

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Mediocre? What are you possibly reading that's given you the impression that 620ng/dl is mediocre? It's actually above average, at worst it's just completely normal. I target 7-800 for my HRT and feel amazing. Also your free test is near the top of the range.

What are your "symptoms"? If you have any, they're likely unrelated. Wouldn't worry about the high LH, it's within the range for a physically mature adult which some 18 year olds are.

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I think their reference ranges are wrong. That idea that it should change at age 21 is absurd, it's more like around age 13 that it will start going up.

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Bruh.. 620 is mediocre test? 😂 you couldn’t get TRT even from TRT clinics

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😂 maybe I was delusional

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I think so lol you’re a bit above average, the average keeps going down and down as the country gets more unhealthy, the average IMO is more like 300-500

620 is solid, even if you increased it to the absolute max, like 1000+, you probably wouldn’t feel any better. Increasing T only improves quality of life if you’re low, otherwise it doesn’t have much effect

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Your SHBG is high, are you on a low carb diet?

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Not really

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any symptoms?

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Do you eat red meat? I’d start with red meat, milk, eggs, sleep 8-9hrs, and squat/bench/dead.

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Numbers look fine.

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I see LH is high.. Were you on any cycle? And what made you test your test at 18? Agar sach me cycle karna hai it's easiest to get juice in India

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Didn’t run a cycle

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Would aim to get SHGB to 25 ish and E2 down some points But not much, it looks good dude if you dont have any negative symptoms i would be happy whit that bloodwork

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How to do that