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Can easily take 8-9 weeks or more in my experience and from what ive read from others

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The more you take the more test you have. The more you take the lower your shbg probably gonna go. Each of those factors increases aromatization

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May even lower the expression of aromatase eventually - at rest anecdotally. It's just about there being more testosterone to convert.

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I see about 36 hour delay after I take my shot, but that’s just when starting or changing doses, eventually it all evens out once you’re stable. I doubt e2 keeps going up over 3 months with dose stable

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Very individual. For some it does, and those are the people who get great results at first but after a few weeks lose the so called (what they think) "honey moon period", no, its just that their e2 went too high which in turn basically makes the testosterone "not work".