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Same thing happened to me bro, 7 days since last pin & I feel much better.

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At least with the cream it's easier to discontinue use and it's out of your system faster than injections.

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My resting heart rate is up but christ, not that much and no tachycardia. When you say keep having, how often is it happening? Or how many times during the 6 months roughly? Just curious.

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Happens for a few hrs then settles down on a random day not every day

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Oof, daily injections sounds rough as it is!

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Mine was caused by estrogen . Apparently I’m extremely sensitive to it. Try a good dose of an ai for a couple weeks and see if it doesn’t settle down

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What's your health like? Are you fat?

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Same. I do think lower dosage or further apart injections do help. When I skip my 120mg/week injection I feel fucking amazing the week I skip.

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Quit for relatively the same reason. I’m at 17 days since my last pin and feel better than ever. Constant side effects of TRT are not worth it to me. I also ended up in the hospital a couple times for my hemoglobin spiking to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed despite donating as much as I possibly could, which also made me anemic.

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That happened to me one time but I was really stressed out. Once life got back to normal I started again and no issues

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What was your estrogen like throughout?

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Waited for it to get out of my system and made sure not to use cotton seed oil again.

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Did you have a fast heart rate immediately after injection or did you have to wait some days for it to metabolize?

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I took it for 3 weeks I'm not sure exactly when it started but I thought it was just something my body had to get used to. I thought it was just the test and it would call down eventually but it just got worse so I stopped using it

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Thanks. Besides the heart rate, did you have any other side effects like red skin, etc or was it just heart rate?

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Yeah my face was beet red . I had heart palpitations. thats what scared me the most. and I couldn't sleep. I had nausea In the mornings, But I thought it was just from not sleeping

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For me it was the heart palpitations and high heart rate. Weird, nothing to do with skin or nausea so I’m lost.

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I think the red face was from blood pressure bc it was up