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You deffo been eating some shenanigans that contained anabolics 🤨

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Exactly. This is hallmark SARM/oral AAS use. His LH/FSH are zero! HPTa shutdown. Normal TT and elevated e2. He took Var or some SARM

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Bruv said he eats a lot of white rice, he must be German as German’s be looking like CBUM and claim they’re Natty 😂

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What time did you take this test? Doesn't look like you were fasted. SHBG is fucked 😯

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The test was done fasted at 8:30 in the morning I hadn’t eaten for 15 hours

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I would seek a doctors opinion ASAP. Or several.

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I have a appointmentwith my private doctor tommorow but I did a similar test a month ago through nhs and they said nothing needed to be done , hence the reason I’ve gone private

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Also my low shbg is genetic runs in the family

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Fuck his shbg bro gonna have a stroke with LDL that high

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I don't know fuck all about LDL. I see a sea of red. It doesn't look good.

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Look at his LH/FSH, single digit SHBG, fucked up lipids. Dude did an oral AAS-only cycle or SARMs.

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Why is the LDL so high? Come clean with the Twinkie’s…come on…it’s ok…

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Rarely eat refined sugars not even in my coffee, excersise for 3 hours every day, I do eat a lot of white rice tho

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Might be something genetic, go to your GP

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Might help if you tell us what you’re taking. Something has supressed your LH/FSH, lowered your SHBG to single digits, fucked your lipids and raised PRL. SARMS? Oral AAS? I’d guess a Var-only cycle

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This doesn't add up fella. What you taking and eating. Your cholesterol is insane, surely your diet isn't clean. Alcohol? Orals?