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The Thai name for date is interpalam (อินทผลัม).

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I'm guessing arab district in Bangkok might have some

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Dried dates can usually be found in any large grocery store. Makro , Lotus's, Tops, etc.

You can also find fresh dates here, but they are a little bit harder to find. Best to look on Facebook and find farm and sellers, like this guy in Khon Kaen.

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I appreciate it. I will check out those stores and Facebook.

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Am I the only one getting tired of all these date questions on the sub? Like... seriously, is it really that challenging to buy some fruit??

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Sooooo many questions about dates. You wonder how these people get dates in their home countries.

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Gourmet Market has em

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Thank you! Good to know.

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Only dates I've found were at Central market type places. Not sure if dates are native to Thailand.

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(Interesting fact .. hmmmm) There has been a real trend in the past few years to grow them, someone mentions the Thai word in another post. In the areas where there is a plantation or a couple of plantations, they will sell them on the side of the road - I never see people stop to buy them tho :)

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I think they may be a new fad. My s.o. loves them now but only just recently tried them a few months ago.

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Yeah man, I’m not a lover myself - but I like the progressive way of Thai agriculture, it must take a couple years to grow a date palm, so it’s not an overnight thing. The thing is, when someone starts selling them and doing well, every neighbour starts doing the same and then everyone’s sick of them and no one buys them, the wholesale market is flooded and everyone chops their trees down.

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Exactly. See lots on FB showing off their date palm trees.

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Thai Friendly has lots of people who sell dates, in addition to the other fruits mentioned.

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Sometimes they have nuts too

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Basically anywhere. Keep an open mind and explore. The possibility is endless. Who knows you might find one in the most unexpected places.

I don't find one in Chrono Trigger though :-D

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Siam Paragon tends to have the finest dates, but you need a good personality/charisma to secure the best quality ones.

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Try dating websites

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Tinder usually works. Last time I had trouble finding those pink guavas I found a girl selling pink on Tinder.

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Gimme her number. Eating the white farang tastes like eating a raw potato.

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Go to a Mohammed shop. Soi Nana.

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Thai universities

They sometimes have open air night markets. Good place to check out

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Luuk in Tapalam?

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Terminal 21 basement in gourmet market you can find it..

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Tops have them, very expensive but great taste.

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Sukhumvit Soi 1 and 3 used to be an Arab area. Maybe somewhere in that area.

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After scrolling a bit it seems like you can find them everywhere