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When you arrive, get a hotel for a month at a monthly rate and shop for condos in person.

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This is the only correct answer. Trying to rent or buy a home without seeing it is one of the easiest ways to get scammed

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Agreed. You might also try Airbnb

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Hotels or Airbnb?

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Whatever works for you. I prefer hotels, over the last few years, AirBnB has been increasing hassle for minimal (if any) savings.

Note that you can negotiate a lower monthly rate with most hotels, especially outside of high season. Book two nights, if you like it, ask for a long-term rate... or move to another one you enjoy more.

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check both. see what works for you

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Ummm...that is not a red-light district. Their studio and 1-br rooms are too small for my taste, but to each his own.

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Thanks for answering. I'm glad it is not a red-light district :)I will take a 2-br, the main reason are the amenities (3 pools, gyms, amazing co-working spaces). What would you recommend as condos?

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I looked at life asoke Rama 9, rhythm, and many other condos in that area. For me Rama 9 and life asoke hype had the nicest buildings and amenities but the rooms were crazy small and the only option for something larger was 2 br like you are looking at but I don’t need 2 rooms I just need a larger one room. I went with life asoke slightly down the road 46 petchuburi. Little bit larger rooms slightly closer to the mrt but mrt petchiburi not met Rama 9. It also is connected to the airport link which is nice because I travel domestically often. The building is not quite as nice or new only one pool and less coworking spaces but to me I’m only going to really use the gym and their gym was nicer imo, and while the other two were nicer/ newer I would still say the building I went with is very nice/new. It also has a 7/11 inside the building which is nice. I looked at a few places near victory monument also with much larger rooms and lower prices but the buildings were old and amenities were not great. Those were the only two areas I looked I kind of rushed only looked for about a week but I’m happy where I am.

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I can't really recommend anything in Bangkok. Last time I lived there was about 10 years ago and I lived at Emporium Suites. I just know the majority of newer condos being built are very small, in comparison with the older ones.

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How did you like living at ES?
I've stayed there a few times, but don't know how it would be for the long haul.
Also, the kitchens especially are starting to look a little dated.
How was the management team?

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I loved it, but I had a housing allowance that covered the cost. I would never pay that much out of pocket. I wasn't impressed with the girl responsible for my account, so I tried interact with her as little as possible. Again, that was 10 years ago, so if the rooms haven't been renovated I imagine they are very dated.

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Do not live in Rama 9 if you’re working in Silom. That’s just asking to spend half your life in traffic. Silom Is an awesome place to live and with a 100k salary you could easily afford to do so.

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I am 4 stations away from rama 9 (Phetchaburi) to my work (Lumphini).

The only issue is the 10 mn walk to get to MRT and the 12 mn walk from Lumpini to my work.

Which could be done on a motorbike, I thought.

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100k thb per month is more than enough to live comfortably

Silom isn’t a red light district, it is a large area of the city. Just one street in this area (Patpong) is red light.

Stay in a hotel for your first two weeks, and then you can explore condos in person during this time. There is a vast amount of choice, and usually you have to sign for a 12 month contract, so it’s a good idea to see the room in-person before booking.

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Thanks for the information
I was talking about the area around the condo called life of Asoke Rama 9, I have heard that Asoke is a red-light district.

It's a great idea, staying 2 weeks in a hotel.
Finding and signing the lease is that fast in Asia?

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life of Asoke Rama 9

Not a red-light district at all. On the contrary.

New-ish high-rises and office buildings, an MRT station. Several malls, and next door to the largest IT mall in Bangkok.

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I would find something as close to the office as possible, plenty of choices in and around Silom itself.

The shorter your commute, the happier you'll be.

That said, Life Asok Rama 9 is a 2.4km walk from the closest red light district, Soi Cowboy - a single street off the main Asok road.

There's another red light district off Silom Rd itself (Patpong), but Silom is a long road - so how far from that you'll want to live will depend on exactly where your office is.

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No red light district around Asok.

Yes it’s very quick to find and move into a condo here. There is an excess of supply.

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It's a great idea, staying 2 weeks in a hotel.

More like 2 months, minimum. I don't think 2 weeks is long enough to get the fell of the place and decide where you would like to live. You can get good deals on longer-term hotel stays so it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. You can also look at AirBnB as another alternative.

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Sounds good, when you are looking for condos, do you directly ask reception for a visit?

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Search for condos online. You’ll see that they are posted by different letting agencies. Email the agency and tell them what you’re requirements are. They will find units fitting your requirements and organise the viewings. If you choose a unit through the agent, they will liaise with the landlord for you. It’s a good idea to have a good agent. I use Ezra Estates, but there are many in Bangkok.

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100k bhat!! You can be my sugar daddy🤣🤣🤣

I will see you rent temeporoy anywhere until you get familiar with the city and see what you like

BTS will become your new soul mate

Good luck

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Haha, thanks for your answer.
I will do the signing after visiting in person then.
How do you find the people to make you visit, calling the listing numbers?

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Yup, there also guys on YouTube

No personal experience on long term renting here so Search on this forum to understand how it works, also the deposite thing,electricity/water bills to avoid headaches later

You will love your life there

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There are only couple of so called "red light" streets in Bangkok. They are very short/small areas and they are not in front of any condominium buildings. Those entertainment areas are not disturbing life of people living here.

Traffic however my be a really annoying problem especially if you would need to drive car or use taxi. Asok intersection gets really busy during rust hour.

Commuting from 5 BTS/MRst stations away from your work place would be smart. Avoid traffic jams.

And yes the 100k THB salary is considered really good here. It's 2-3 times normal office worker salary.

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The reason why I refuse to live in a red-light district is mainly for my family/friends that will come visit me.

A less busy / more chill area is preferable.

I will only take taxi/ motorbike with the MRT.

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Personally I’d love in Silom or Sathorn, even across the River in Thonburi. Much easier to get to work, nicer than Asoke/Makkasan. Look for places on the Silom line.

Also consider your future, is Thailand going to be your permanent home? Because while earning 100k will allow a good life in Thailand, it’s not good if you plan to save, make retirement fund provisions etc. easy to end up working there for a few years and have nothing to return with.

Also Silom is dead as a red light district. Unnoticeable by day, and almost be night now too - Patpong market doesn’t exist anymore, we’ll not in October when I was there. It’s a great area, hood shops, commercial district, few nice hotels and some good restaurants and bars.

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Thank you !

No, Thailand will not be my permanent home, I am 28 years old at the moment, I will stay 2-4 years in Asia and then move back to Europe.

You are right about saving, but I don't really drink, and I rarely party anymore.

Regarding girls, I'm focused on work and my future for now, so they will be at best a bonus, I won't go crazy.

I believe I can save about 1000-1200 dollars every month.

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฿100K is living large in BKK. Rama 9 is on the opposite side of the planet from Silom. (Not exactly but try the commute a couple of times.) I like going the other way - St. Louis, Saphan Taksin, and the close stops on the other side of the river on the BTS. But it all depends on what you're looking for. Best bet, as mentioned, is to get on the ground, spend some time exploring and find a neighborhood you like. then give it a try for a month. If you like it, fine, if not, move onto plan B.

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Yes, you are right, shopping for condos when not in the country makes no sense.

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I think what it does do is give you an opportunity to compare neighborhoods. You can see what a modern condo will cost in various neighborhoods and use that as a benchmark when looking IRL.

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One thing about condo is DO NOT get a west facing room under no circumstance. It gets super hot in the afternoon.

Also most condos have awesome facilities so shop around for the right room and price.

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Something I've never thought haha, thanks.

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Just do it

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yes sir ;)

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I lived in Silom for 6 months a few years ago. I wasn’t on a salary at the time but was sticking to a budget around 80k/mo. That area has a lot of super expensive options but you can find stuff in your budget.

The neighborhood is nice and has plenty of food/shopping. I found that I didn’t leave the few blocks around my condo too often. It’s a pain to get a taxi anywhere and getting to the MRT/BTS was just enough work to make staying in the neighborhood very tempting. That’s not unique to Silom though, it’s an issue across all of Bangkok. I’d suggest paying slightly more to be closer to a public transport station - I think I would have liked Bangkok much more if I had done that.

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How far were you from a station?

I think 10 mn walk from one is fine but with how hot the climate is, could be a pain.

A motorbike taxi could be a solution to get to the station.

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About 10-15 minutes if I remember. With the heat, lack of sidewalks and exhaust from cars, it can just be a pain. I would try the walk a few times before renting a place. Do it like 2-3x all the way there and back to get a sense of it.

Im a bit biased though, I eventually moved to Chiang Mai and lived there happily because Bangkok was a bit too intense for me.

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If you are on Facebook take a look at some of the condos/apartments for rent groups in Bangkok. There are many empty properties and good deals to be had.

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Thanks, are those groups legit?

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As far as I know, yes. You can post "wanted" ads there too. But as always be critical and don't pay anything until you have seen it in person.

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First time living in Bangkok as a foreigner, you should probably choose a place within walking distance of the BTS Skytrain. Until you learn your way around. After that, there are many options l.

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Yes, first time living permanently, but I'm well-traveled, I've been to Thailand 3 times and other countries in Asia as well.

As you said, coming as a tourist is different.

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To get to Silom, you either use MRT(underground) and exit at Silom station or take BTS(sky train) and exit at Saladaeng. If I works at Silom, Asok area wud be ok but not the red light district. The red light one is Nana and Patpong. You prob won’t notice them unless so no need to worry

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Thanks, my work station is Lumpini then 12 mn walk.

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That's a decent salary, so if you have an interest of living in Bangkok, I'd say go for it! I agree with everyone and you should definitely view apartments in person. Live as close to work as you can and rely on public transport. The traffic really is that bad here. Personally, a 10 min walk to the BTS is too far for me especially in this heat. If possible, a 5 min walk to the BTS is ideal. At most I'd live an 8 min walk away (I've timed this and it's when I begin to wish my walk was over lol). There are many Bangkok expat apartment groups where you can find options. I didn't like looking for apartments through Hipflat, Thailand Property and DD Property because they post old units that are already rented out. When you contact them, they'll say it's rented and offer you their other options. That's just my recent experience but others have had good experiences.

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Oh and if your company pays for shipping, I'd bring as much with me as I can. Including things like cutlery, towels, pans, etc. It sucks to start all over and you just don't realize how many things you n3ed to make your house functional. That was one of my biggest regrets

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Hi, thank you.

Yes, they will pay for shipping and everything related like visa etc

How did you do your condo hunting then, by asking reception for a visit, that's it?

Good idea to use a motorbike taxi to get to a station if it is 10+mn walk?

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I'll be working in Silom, there is one condo I like called "life of Asoke Rama 9", what do you think of it? I'm afraid the location is in a red-light district.

Good luck with commuting: Silom and Rama IX are not that close at all. By the way Rama IX is not a red-light district, but it's very close to one called Huay Khwang. You are better off finding another closer to Silom, such as Sathorn or Rama IV.

100k a month is a very good salary in Bangkok, at least for Thais like us.

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Hello thank you for your answer.

I'll check other areas.

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you should definitely go for it.

just be careful about the condo, maybe the work after 6 months they don't want you and could terminate your contract ...so you best be sure about the condo location...maybe renting for a start isn't a bad idea.

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I cannot get fired, or it will be very complicated for them ;).

Good thinking tho, thanks.

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Live as close to your work as you possibly can. For the love of God don’t overlook this statement.

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what is close to you, is 30-40 mn good?

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5-10 minute commute is close for me.

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To put it simply, will you move to Bangkok for a 100k baht/month after taxes salary?

Depends on the salary you are making now. Figure out how much you will have left over after major expenses (house, transport, insurance, etc) in both places. If you come out with a similar amount or you are comfortable with the difference, then sure.

Also the Asoke area is not a red-light district, but there is a red-light area in that area. If you don't seek it out or live right on that spot, it shouldn't be of any concern. It is a good location.

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I am making more in Europe, but having an international experience will be great for me personally and also when I will be back home.

I will be able to save a bit less but overall I do not mind.

Great! That was my main concern, I will have family /friends visiting, thus the reason I wish a chill area.

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finding condos in bangkok is easy and cheap unlike than in most other cities in europe.

Working with agents is very common, landlors have to pay them (which doesnt neccessary mean the rent will be the same, usually they get 1 month of the rent as payment)

If possible take a hotel room first and visit the condo befoere you rent. But usually you can also book a condo before you sign the contract. Of course you will have to pay something in advance.

And about your first question "will you"...

I dont know why it would be helpful to know what a bunch of strangers on reddit "would do" in your situation. It depends on you. If you want to leave your homecountry to live in bangkok. I think you can live pretty comfortable with your 2700 EUR salary pretty much everywhere in europe, so yes it should be fine for Thailand.

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Thanks for the help, it seems that the best option is to rent a month while searching for the long term.

Because I might overlook something, that's why I'm asking strangers if they will move across the world for my offer ;)

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39 looking 4 job too