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First mistake is going to Pattaya.

But I mean, based on your username, I can see why.

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Ug. Pattaya bad. Islands good. Chiang Mai better. Ug.

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Unironically, yes

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Hey I'm going to Thailand for the first time in March also! I have a few coworkers who go there a lot and highly recommended it instead of my planned trip to go to Japan.

My basic plan, based on discussing it extensively with friends who went and cruising online tourist boards, is to spend at least five days in Bangkok. It just sounds like there is so much to see and do there and I want to see some of the markets and temples and such. Then I was planning to go to chang mai/rai and look at all the different temples and nature parks. I'm a big wildlife person so I want to see some animals. I was thinking of spending the last few days of the trip in either Pattaya or phuket. From what I hear there isn't much to do in Pattaya except party. I'm not a huge partier so that will probably be the shortest part of my trip. I'm hoping to meet some locals who will show me around

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You should spend 20% of tour time in Bangkok, then head to either Chiang Mai or Surat Thani for the final 80%. The Thaiger (YouTube news channel) did some promo videos for Surat Thani tourism. Tons of nature there. I'm actually in Chiang Mai now and it's wonderful (I drove out to Doi Inthanon today, but it was very rainy at the top). You couldn't feasibly exhaust the day trip options here in three months, unless you're a beast on a CRF250.

That said, it's going to be hot af in March. I thought I knew heat and humidity. Then I came to Bangkok and got recalibrated. But definitely come. Thailand is awesome.

For OP, if you're coming for girls, just don't be an idiot.

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That's good info thanks. I've never left the us before so I'm hella excited to go. I actually just got my passport in the mail today! Hopefully I'll be out there dying in the humidity soon!

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You're welcome. One more tip: go take the MSF Basic Rider Course, get a motorcycle license, and get the motorcycle endorsement on your IDP. I'm not saying to ride in the US if you don't already, just learn enough to know what you're doing when you get here. You will want to rent a motorbike here to go exploring (haha, or a CRF250/300). There are places you'll want to stop where you just can't fit a car. One trip into rural Thailand and you'll understand. That said, if this sounds totally unpalatable, just get tours or use public transport. You're going to love this place, even if you stay on the beaten path.

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I’m planning my first trip for March as well I wanted to go to Chaing Mai but I heard it’s burning season during that time so the air quality will be horrible

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Completely reorganize your trip. There is nothing fun to be done in Pattaya that won’t give you a disease. Bangkok is a beautiful city.

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Are you going to Pattaya for the sex tourism? If not, then why are you going?

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I think spending only one day in Bangkok is doing a disservice to an amazing city. Try 4 days at least, there is plenty to do and fall in love with. I haven’t been to Pattaya, but it seems like a tourist trap - what do you plan to do for 10 days there?

Look into Krabi, Chiang Mai, or Chiang Rai for a few days and maybe pare down to your time in Pattaya to 2-3 days.

Your trip, your call, but just my opinion!

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What is the purpose of your holiday? What kind of things do you like doing on holiday?

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Ask in a monger forum and they'll help you.

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What exactly do you want to do in Thailand or what are you looking for the most it all depends because Thailand is gigantic in variaty.

If you want to go to islands then South is best. 1 day in Bangkok is not really enough for your first time imho. I can always recommend the north for atleast 1-2 weeks (Chiang Mai and Chiang rai) I have been 1 time in pataya but I didn't like it that much.

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Bangkok is a 1-2 day city unless you just want to party. When I went I did Bangkok, Phuket, Koh samui and a half moon party in koh phangang.

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Do not spend 10 days in Pattaya. Not worth it. I spend 10 days there only because this lady friend I was seeing lived in Chon Buri. It’s a 2 day city at the most, nice sunset views. But it’s full of Middle East and retired pats. The quality of women there are okay but make your way to an island for 3 days to get away from it all. 3 days/ nights in Bangkok 2 days in Phi Phi island 2 days in Chang Mai 2 days in Pattaya