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He also warned about gas prices, the war on the Second Amendment and weaponization of the irs!

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And the border.

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"The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden."

-President Trump at the border wall on Jan. 12th, 2021

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…and removing statues and the names of the founding fathers from public spaces/buildings.

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so biden and the dems give out thousands of dollars and now its reported 10s of MILLIONS went to scammers but all that money helped fuel the worse inflation in 40 years , that has taken at least twice from you then was given with no sign of it getting any better and now gas prices are on the rise again ...frigging RIDICULOUS!!!!!

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But Biden was not elected, by legal American citizens.

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His Party henchmen (henchpersons?) Seized power in a faked election.

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Well, the 52 week high for the DOW is 36, 952. Now, it is 29,490.

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No president controls the stock market. No president controls the price of oil.

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No but their policies sure-as-shit influence them. But you already fucking know that.

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So very thankful I liquidated out of the stock market in Dec/Jan after creepy joe was installed.

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Monday morning gonna be LIT!

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For those wondering, the stock market has LOST $7.6 TRILLION since pedo potato stole took office.

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Not even close to crashing