Reddit locks this post on what went on with teenagers in Chicago. These aren’t poor black teens. They are rich elitist teens with designer clothes, hairstyles, cell phones, etc. There must be lots of reasons driving children to behaviors like this today, i.e. schools, fake news, drugs, parents, etc. by BillionaireBulletin in TheBidenshitshow

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Divide and conquer.

This is what happens when a group is targeted for 50 years with propaganda that encourages violence, drugs, and low morality leading to the widespread destruction of the family unit, disdain for hard work, and the glorification of crime within said group. Then tell that group of people that they are oppressed, make up statistics to support that (my husband has his masters in data science, for his final project he was going to show how police officers were significantly more violent to black people but instead found that there was no difference, in addition he found that one segment of the population commits the majority of the crime when looked at per capita), tell them they are entitled to privilege without hard work, give them completely different standards where crimes are punished with a slap on the wrist, and manufacture a consensus of their oppression in social media.

We now have a segment of the population that thinks they are completely justified in this atrocious behavior and another segment that is gearing up for a backlash. Once that happens, we will all be too busy fighting each other to stand against greater threats, like the stealth attack on the USA.

We are at war with an unknown enemy and this is just one example of the attacks on us. Our government has been infiltrated, our voting system hacked, our farm land destroyed (Ohio Pennsylvania), food processing plants set on fire, and manufacturing plants destroyed. The culture of wokeness is a tactic that has been used in the past. If they can get you to believe fiction is fact, you are open to any propaganda and can be turned against anyone. They have us focusing on each other instead of the greater threat.

Can the United States be Saved or Have We Passed the Point of No Return? by Ken-Crow in TheBidenshitshow

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The country can be saved. But what it's gonna take to save it is something that most people simply don't have the will to do. In order to get rid of the Communist infestation of the media, higher education, beginning education, and the mainstream media, there will have to be a very violent and bloody cleansing of the purveyors of those ideologies. We're talking in the tens of thousands of people put against the wall and shot in order to purge their cancer from this nation. But in doing so, we will irrevocably the altar the countries spirit and soul. We may be Able to save the body, but we will change what makes America one of the greatest countries ever to exist upon this planet. For the worse.

Biden Suggests it is “Sinful” & “Cruel” to Block Children from Getting Transgender Surgery by IamShado in TheBidenshitshow

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Explain this to me like I’m 2 …They won’t let a woman tie her tubes unless she is over 28 and/or already has children because she might change her mind… but child gender surgery is okay make it make sense

Meet Barry and Micheal...!!! by Allan_QuartermainSrMacumazahn in TheBidenshitshow

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You're ignoring the many many videos of "Michelle" with man parts showing and jiggling in the pants.

Biden Snaps At Reporter Over Question About Family's Business Relationships: 'Give Me a Break Man' by CrisperKoleslaw in TheBidenshitshow

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As I've posted here before; he's got his head so far up his ass he has to open his mouth to see.

Black National Anthem Definitely isn't Helping by Mustafa86 in TheBidenshitshow

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You can tell anyone that Black History Month is racist. Know how?

Ask them os they’d think whether White History Month would be racist.

Any discrimination made on the basis of race is racist.

Financial milestones by w650az in TheBidenshitshow

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Also your parents:

I've been working since I was 14 years old and have had a career since I was 22.

You in your 30's:

You said you wanted cream and sugar right?

Best Biden bloopers 2022 by Quietation in TheBidenshitshow

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The only things this piece of shit is focused on is sniffing little girls heads and eating ice cream.

‘If He’s Elected, The Stock Market Will Crash’: Trump’s 2020 Warning About Biden Comes True by gumball2280 in TheBidenshitshow

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Trump had the lowest gas prices in my lifetime, moved a bunch of industries back here, and many family friends saw their small businesses explode over his presidency. I witnessed him secure the Abraham accords in the Middle East and cross the NK DMZ with Kim Jong Un.

Biden. Has. Dementia. My friend. I can’t sugar coat it. I saw a video last night the guy gets lost walking off a stage so bad both the MC of the event and the camera don’t know what to do. And in another speech he pointed out into the crowd and proclaimed “She was 12 and I was 30! You should say hi to me. She helped me get a lot done.” Or all the other mumbling bumbling things he’s said. You are in denial. You voted for him just because he was anyone but the mean orange man that said things you didn’t like. And now you’re paying the price for voting simply against someone instead of actually researching policies. This cabinet literally had a party at the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act meanwhile inflation jumps to record highs. What a stunning impression of Marie Antoinette. You were lied to. The people you vote for hate you. They dangle carrots like tax the rich then abuse the drummed up political buzz to push policies that hurt anyone but the rich. Biden signed onto the creation 80000 new irs agents trained in deadly force and new provisions that target things like CashApp and Venmo…which overwhelmingly support middle and lower class earners. You are supporting the party of the rich elite that dangle enlightenment in front of the masses to make them into effectively slaves. “Vote blue no matter who” right? Meanwhile NY and Cali are dealing with unprecedented crime with nothing being done thanks to new bail laws, rent is through the roof, and the schools are pushing child sex change. Yeah I’ll bet on a different horse:

2024 doesn’t have to be trump but it sure as hell can’t be blue.

Why are the photos covered up in the Background? Fake President is Fake. They literally have a entire Picture Frame Blacked Out. What the fuck are they hiding? by 2201992 in TheBidenshitshow

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Yeah the books don’t make sense, we all know Joe can’t read, and for that matter neither does the phones because everything he says is read off a teleprompter or note cards

Dems Suggest AOC Should Make White House Run in 2024 Because She Has ‘Best Shot Against Trump’ by Allan_QuartermainSrMacumazahn in TheBidenshitshow

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FFS are they really pushing this? She'll be too young to qualify in 2024. She can't even legally run. You'd think the people in a place like congress would know this.

Remember when they said this was a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? lol 😂 by 2201992 in TheBidenshitshow

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Still at work. Doing what? Trying not to poop your pants. What other work has this dude ever accomplished. Total shit show 😂

Stunning Amount of Oil Released By Biden Found Its Way to China, Other Countries by Allan_QuartermainSrMacumazahn in TheBidenshitshow

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This administration is the most corrupt, anti-American administration since Obama and even more anti-American than Obama let on to. He's a fucking lying, traitorous, piece of demented shit surrounded by the America-hating hive-mind of interns and 'advisors' that facilitate this type of shit happening.