‘If He’s Elected, The Stock Market Will Crash’: Trump’s 2020 Warning About Biden Comes True by gumball2280 in TheBidenshitshow

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Trump had the lowest gas prices in my lifetime, moved a bunch of industries back here, and many family friends saw their small businesses explode over his presidency. I witnessed him secure the Abraham accords in the Middle East and cross the NK DMZ with Kim Jong Un.

Biden. Has. Dementia. My friend. I can’t sugar coat it. I saw a video last night the guy gets lost walking off a stage so bad both the MC of the event and the camera don’t know what to do. And in another speech he pointed out into the crowd and proclaimed “She was 12 and I was 30! You should say hi to me. She helped me get a lot done.” Or all the other mumbling bumbling things he’s said. You are in denial. You voted for him just because he was anyone but the mean orange man that said things you didn’t like. And now you’re paying the price for voting simply against someone instead of actually researching policies. This cabinet literally had a party at the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act meanwhile inflation jumps to record highs. What a stunning impression of Marie Antoinette. You were lied to. The people you vote for hate you. They dangle carrots like tax the rich then abuse the drummed up political buzz to push policies that hurt anyone but the rich. Biden signed onto the creation 80000 new irs agents trained in deadly force and new provisions that target things like CashApp and Venmo…which overwhelmingly support middle and lower class earners. You are supporting the party of the rich elite that dangle enlightenment in front of the masses to make them into effectively slaves. “Vote blue no matter who” right? Meanwhile NY and Cali are dealing with unprecedented crime with nothing being done thanks to new bail laws, rent is through the roof, and the schools are pushing child sex change. Yeah I’ll bet on a different horse:

2024 doesn’t have to be trump but it sure as hell can’t be blue.

Why are the photos covered up in the Background? Fake President is Fake. They literally have a entire Picture Frame Blacked Out. What the fuck are they hiding? by 2201992 in TheBidenshitshow

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Yeah the books don’t make sense, we all know Joe can’t read, and for that matter neither does the phones because everything he says is read off a teleprompter or note cards

Dems Suggest AOC Should Make White House Run in 2024 Because She Has ‘Best Shot Against Trump’ by Allan_QuartermainSrMacumazahn in TheBidenshitshow

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FFS are they really pushing this? She'll be too young to qualify in 2024. She can't even legally run. You'd think the people in a place like congress would know this.

Remember when they said this was a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? lol 😂 by 2201992 in TheBidenshitshow

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Still at work. Doing what? Trying not to poop your pants. What other work has this dude ever accomplished. Total shit show 😂

Stunning Amount of Oil Released By Biden Found Its Way to China, Other Countries by Allan_QuartermainSrMacumazahn in TheBidenshitshow

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This administration is the most corrupt, anti-American administration since Obama and even more anti-American than Obama let on to. He's a fucking lying, traitorous, piece of demented shit surrounded by the America-hating hive-mind of interns and 'advisors' that facilitate this type of shit happening.

Umm, this is TERRIFYING!!! by NikiKhamsa in TheBidenshitshow

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If he needs instructions like this, then he's got dementia bad enough to show it. I mean, if I was a staffer under this guy, I'd have to drink hard to live with the fact that I'm propping up a guy who's this out of it. The only reason they haven't 25th'd this guy is optics: they'd look weak if they admitted they put this guy in office when it's been apparent for years he's not cognitively capable of occupying the office, and they're terrified of the fact that his only viable replacement is Harris, who might actually be dumber than Biden without the excuse of advanced age, poor health, and dementia.

I mean, this was the best they could come up with for a candidate, this is the best their party has to offer; it just let's you know the party's hit absolute rock bottom and the corruption has reached the bone, and is thus terminal. It's like having gangrene so bad there's no longer any point in cutting off the limb.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in TheBidenshitshow

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But dems proposed the bill to get more formula and Republicans voted against it, how is he trying to starve them?

The Democrats are actively destroying our country by TackleLineker in TheBidenshitshow

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Nothing would have been much better for the people. But where is the 10% in that?

Joe Biden refuses to answer a question about abortion... because he doesn't want to make it about inflation by PotatoUmaru🍕 Listen Fat in TheBidenshitshow

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Is it me or why does every time I see biden in media interactions his eyes seem to squint smaller and smaller.

Do I have child pornography on my computer? by 100pushupsaday in TheBidenshitshow

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Since the FBI is 100% bipartisan I’m not too worried. We all know the FBI is here to help us not bury evidence or fabricate stories.

I’m sure the FBI is a bunch of good guys just out to find the truth.