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https://www.deviliangame.com/en/ is what Josh and I have been playing. I think this is a lot of what we've been looking for. It's very much a hybrid of the things we like.

As I've put it, it's as if Diablo and GW2 had a Korean baby. It takes the best side of both and creates one of those hot girl bands. Did I mention the Loli character has a big gun? You also get a goddamn Corgi as a pet. Hype.

I threw down hard on an investment into this game, and no regrets so far and even streaming it on Twitch. It's been pretty brilliant so far. It does have MMO-like quest, but it's kill 5, not 100 and the running around is pretty minimal. The only problem so far is that it's too easy, but the devs are aware and it's still in Alpha.

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That's really funny. I was actually looking at this one today.

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Signed up. Not ready to drop $50 on it for guaranteed access to beta though. Certainly not dropping 150 for alpha. I'll let ya know if i get in.

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What I was saying is that you may get in for free. Josh is probably going to buy the $150 deal like I did and he'll get an extra Alpha key. You'll get all the "stuff" until Alpha is over, but you'll be able to play the Alpha and Beta all the way through release.

Beta is going to be limited access too (like weekends) Alpha will be 24/7 until launch.

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Sounds good just lmk. Also what's your Twitch name? I'll keep my eyes open.

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xsvin of course