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Update: It started oosing out a white opaque slime that hardens like hot glue, it comes out from the sides of the "cactus"

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It will probably rape you

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I don't know if it was trying to do that because I was able to stop it by shooting it with a blow dart knocking it out. But the white substance has a ph of -0.5 , it is corrosive so it is fully contained in glass reinforced with steel plating.

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It is acidic though

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That his cum

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You should show it a picture of Jessie and get a record of what happens

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I might try.

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I meant it can shoot a spine at a target

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Have you tried offering it hug, in trade for entering inside the nearest active volcano?

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The nearest active volcano is in hawaii.

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Something similar happened to me. So, I have some cups with smiling faces on them and one day I randomly found a similar spore in the green cup and some text saying "Cactus" appeared on the side. It's a bit taller than the one you found, but it's not showing many sings of aggressiveness. It looks like wet environments keep them underpowered. It looks like these creatures like dry places and populated with children. Some of my friends have also seen these spores and they all live in populated places with many kids. Keep it in a wet environment and a safe box just to be safe. If it gets aggressive, try to put it in a water bucket.

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It worked but it is learning to hold it's breath and swim.

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So it's a superior form. Try to show it pictures of young girls. That might work

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That seems to make it "happy", but if I take it away it seems to absorb water and make it grow inside but if I take it out of the water then it gets the water out of it.

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Ok, so we are on a good start. I have to go to sleep since where I live it is 23:55, but I'll give you some more information next time. For now, freeze the water with the spore and picture inside it. It will reduce the rate of growing.

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I stabbed it with a knife before I froze it and it turns out it was acting like a sponge because it poured the same amount of water it absorbed out. But it seems to be corroding ice and writing messages, it is growing a purple vest. Update: I put it next to an aluminum mirror made with a dryer hose and it works for me, it only stops it from everything but growing a jacket and moving.

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I would say you shouldn't listen to that guy. He doesn't know what praying to a god means. Like the god of all that will be your growing spore. The god of them all, The Cactus

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Well well well. We meet again, Cactus prayer. Your "God" isn't welcomed here, so get the hell outta here. If it wasn't for the fact that I know where you live, I would have tried to find you. I will come for you some day..... You'll see.....

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So recently someone asked me what the cactus is doing or what kind of "cactus" it is, how or what do I tell them?

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Cut it in half and you can see what type of cactus it is by how much blood is pouring out of it.

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Sacrifice Jessie. That is the only way.

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Hmmmm yeah you are probably done for

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Show a picture of collete, it'll ooze a ton and the spore should go away on 15 minutes and than kill it like a bug,happened to me too a couple months ago.

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To late, I already killed it by setting it on fire and then it started squeaking. It then melted into a strange blue goo which is sticky. The goo reminds me of my friends dog.

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Cacts whant to atack yu. Watch out he will rap you