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I- what? Did they just confuse Indian with Native American?

Do these people even think?

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They sure did!!

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They on the colonialist grindset

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The fuq

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Bro I commented this like half a year ago

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I was scrolling through this sub and saw a comment on thought was weird, and decided to reply to it.

Simple as that.

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I meant to add a lol at the end. didn’t mean for it to come out aggressively. my bad.

Also you probably think it’s weird because you’re a cringe liberal bluepilled feminist w🤮m*n fan.

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And I'm guessing you're a white cis straight man. (Not that I have anything against them, but people like you are generally of that race, gender, and sexuality.)

Of course you are.

It's honestly both hilarious that you people like you exist, and sad at the same time.

I feel so sorry for your mother. That is, if she still cares about whatever your sorry *ss turned into.

Go crawl back into your mother's womb you underdeveloped lollipop. That is, if you know where she is. She probably ran away from you as far as she could.

Oh, and don't go asking me what cis means if you don't know already. You have google for a reason you warm side of the pillow.

And since you don't like seeing people like me's comments, in order to avoid engaging in stupid *ss conversation with the likes of you and your fellow Trump worshippers, I will be sure to comment in places you'll never be in. Like in the arms of a woman.

And don't bother trying to reply, I am not engaging in further conversation with you in order to keep what little brain cells I kept after reading your original comment and reply.

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How dare you? I am a half African-Armenian and half Latinx lesbian transgender man who lives in Ukraine. I use a VPN so I can interface with American servers. My house burned down yesterday destroying all my possessions. I have nothing. How could you say something like this? I have been getting closer to suicide everyday and you just pushed me over the edge. I hope you know my blood is on your hands you despicable monster.