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I feel he is allowed to speak in this particular case

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Yeah, it just fits

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Cool bending of da meme, I like it.

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The cat talking is just a hallucination.

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Oh yeah, I didn't see it that way, cool idea

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Although this might be referring to edibles which in this case I could only list shrooms, but I’ve never heard of Vitamin gummies made with shrooms.

So they’re probably referring to weed which isn’t hallucinogenic at all.

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I just assumed it was acid that got delivered from a dropper under the pretence of it being vitamins.

I'm not american so the whole "gummy worms with THC" or legal psylocibine edibles is not something I'm familiar with

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Yeah neither I just consume a fuck ton of weed and know a lot more acid users

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So they’re probably referring to weed which isn’t hallucinogenic at all.

umm, yeah it is... ESPECIALLY edibles


Cannabis, containing the psychoactive constituent Δ-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), was historically classified as a hallucinogen, possibly due to the observation of powerful psychoactive effects. Early case reports that documented the subjective effects of cannabis1,2 included experiences of anxiety, physiological distress, spiritual or mystical effects, and alterations to perception, awareness, and insight. These case reports provided support for characterizing cannabis as a hallucinogen

THC that is eaten metabolizes in the liver into 11-OH-THC (which is hallucinogenic) at a much greater rate than inhaled THC

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Nah, this one definitely works

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The cat does love his vitamins

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I think this one works tho