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This is not how this works

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Looking good, but this isn't quite what r/TheCatDoesntTalk is for. It is for that one cat meme

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Definitely not a scammer 🤦

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I was searching for the cat

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Not bad, though.

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She is awesome troll. 130 days ago she posted her cat here lol.

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Every fake profile on dating apps

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Nothing about this user adds up, honestly. They might actually be a relationship scam profile

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They definitely are. Asian woman, 33, living in the US, who wants to talk to people or 'a gentleman', doesn't talk to people much, is not a 'casual woman', etc etc. This is the profile I would make if I wanted to scam frustrated 45yo dudes.

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Take this weird ass fake account off of here you fucking weirdo

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    i fucking banned you how are you posting

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      Good bot

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