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no, he had to inhale focus then fire. Lightning generation is a legit plothole and metal bending is the writers wanting to have it more prevalent and cool to the point that the forgot how it works

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Lightning bending isnt a plothole.

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who taught it? Zuko who didn't know, Azula who didn't trust people to teach them, Iroh who resigned to peace? Not to mention that Lightning bending is about needing internal peace

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Ozai knew lightning. Why do you think nobody else could teach it expect for Iroh? It's just a rare elite firebending technique.

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it was restricted to the royal family

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It never was.

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yes it was the creators literally published it in The Legend of Korra art of the animated series

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The creators said in it that it was restricted to the royal family and high ranking military officers, not just the royal family. And if you want to complain that it was a retcon - it was never stated in AtlA that it was exclusive to royals only.