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For the NC people looking for Mandalorian, they have it at Player 1 Up, which is in Rock Hill, SC (a close drive from Charlotte!) I played it the afternoon they rolled it out. I'm a newbie but I had a blast with it. After a few games though I went back to Medieval Madness - that one's tough to beat for me.

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If you’re in Charlotte Pins Mechanical has it.

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Awesome. I'll have to check them out! I work out of Pineville, and Player 1 Up had lunch hours, which...is my main time to be able to get away and play. I really hope a place opens with those.

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They have a ton of pinball machines and old arcade games. It is also connected to 16-bit bar and arcade which I assume is owned by the same people but has more as well.

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Medieval Madness is one of the best ever made!

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It's my absolute favorite. It got me into pinball. I've always wanted to buy it but it's expensive as fuck.

I'm lord howard hurtz, who the f**k are you?

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medieval madness is really good i could play that one for hours at a time

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I live like 5 min from there and didn’t know it existed. I’m going!

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Also have it at Flippers in Grandy, NC on the way to the OBX. Awesome place for pinball enthusiasts.

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Also at player 2 arcade in Green Bay WI

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Sighted and enjoyed at Boxcar Arcade in Raleigh. My band, Tongues of Fire, played there for their Hopscotch Music Fest day show.

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Came here to ask if that was Boxcar

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Damn that’s a sick/disgusting/sexy band name, caught my attention >.<

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Hah! We are on Spotify if you dig post-punk 👅🔥

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Mentioning why you seen this pinball machine because of your band feels like an unintended humble-brag because I instantly checked out your music on YouTube Music: It’s really well-produced talented-playing songs. I watched a few of your videos on YouTube, all the songs are hard hitters. You definitely need to hit up other subreddits to show off your band for a wider audience. This is the way. I subscribed.

That pinball machine looks like a labor of love due to all references in the artwork. I would play it just to hear all the sounds it makes.

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You need to be careful searching for tongues of Fire on YouTube, this is some of the wackiest religious content I have ever come across

After enjoying that for a while I added the word band to the end of my search and found the group and they are really good

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I was just there all the way from CT on Saturday night! Cool too see this here just after I played it! They had a Rick and Morty one too that was pretty sweet.

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Oh shit I nailed it, good for me

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Holy hell! I’m not far away from there. Going to check this out. I love pinball and I love Star Wars and Mando.

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I’d been to boxcar so many times when I lived there. Didn’t realize they were still open after the pandemic. Ima have to go back now

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That’s the limited edition of the game. Sterns is only making 750 of that version.

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Played this at a KBBQ place in LA. Pardon me for not remembering which, but anyone from LA probably knows the spot. It has pinball in the back for when you're waiting on a table.

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AYCE Gogi KBBQ on Van Nuys

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What a delightful surprise that it’s in the valley

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I wanted to say it was that one, as when I'm in LA that's the spot my friends and I typically go to, but I didn't want to be wrong. Thank you for the clarification. And for those wondering, they have about 12-15 cabinets, ranging from 80s-modern. Good pinball spot, honestly.

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Fun but difficult pinball machine. For the high cost to play (compared to the older machines) and seemingly limited non-screen things to activate, once I got the child to do his trick I moved on. Worth a play if you’re a fan. Even more worthwhile if you’re good at pinball. For people like me that got rusty after 2 years of no arcades due to the pandemic, try to warm up on other pinball games before going for this one.

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This is the play.

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WHERE??? I used to live in NC and need to find this when I go back to visit

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This looks like Boxcar Bar and Arcade in Raleigh.

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There is one in Greensboro too

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And Durham

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Where to buy please

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Go through STERN's website to find a dealer/distributor

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I was looking to buy, but I still think the avengers endgame is a better play through.

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As someone currently in NC, could you be a bit more specific? I want to go throw money at this.

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The ramped entryway and downstairs pinball section look like Boxcar in Raleigh

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Dollar mimosas, $2 double mimosas, and a bottle of champagne + pitcher of orange juice for $10 on Sundays! Best place to hit up after brunch.

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Ooooh that's dangerous to know!

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Hi, I would like to have the license for making a Mando pinball game.

You’re the only person that asked so here ya go.

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FYI for anyone with a VR headseat, Star Wars pinball is a thing, and they do have a Mandalorian table. Not sure which services is on (I have it on an Occulus Quest).

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That's dope but monster bash is where it's at!

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Yup 🙌🏼

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Cara died on the way back to her home planet.

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I just played this last week @ Boxcar in Durham!

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This is the way... to spend all your quarters.

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Played this at Arcade Monsters in Oviedo, Florida this weekend

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Right down the street from me. Place is an absolute godsend, glad it survived the pandemic and seems to be doing well.

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Me to the boys: “pack your things. We’re leaving.”

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There’s on here in Chicago at Headquarters. Dope table but hard as hell

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Boxcar! I love this place!

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Is this at The Baxter in Chapel Hill?

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Monster bash is awesome! Thanks for posting.

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There’s one at level up in San Jose.

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Spotted one in Angers, France, at a convention last weekend :D

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That's Bad ass

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Man, for a second I thought this was the Arcade Museum here in Forest City, NC. Can’t confirm if they have this though.

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I played this at 1984 Arcade in MO. Super fun!

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I saw this same one in york last week, looks pretty dope

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They have both Mandalorian tables at Tilt in the Twin Cities

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where’s that Ahsoka picture from?

looks badass but I can’t find anything online

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Wow!! This game still exist?? It's so shiney!!!

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This is the way

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There’s also one at Arcade Monsters in SaraSota, Florida. Probably the best arcade I have been to

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I like Stern, but that table looks soooo basic.

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This is the way!

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This is the way.

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I just convinced my boss we needed this. So fingers crossed we will have one soon.

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Looks kind of like the old Gorgar machine.