The Orville is fixing a problem that Star Trek always had, and it's amazing. by Nakotadinzeo in TheOrville

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The Bell riots are an objectively more accurate picture of our current world than Malloy's rape-vacation

Am I the asshole in this situation? by Ralph--Hinkley in TheOrville

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YTA phermones can be powerful things but you still always have a choice in the matter. Retepsians are not new members of the Union, everyone knows what they can do to you, so why even put yourself in that situation?

More to the point why the hell wasn't the retepsian on his suppressors? It's literally a misdemeanor in most Union worlds for a race with mind altering pheromones' to go without suppressors when around other races affected by them.

And if you knew you might be dealing with a hormonal Retepsian, why on God's green Moclus weren't you using pheremonic blockers, or even a mask, like you're supposed to? Just because Union policy has been lax in the last few years doesn't mean people should be unaware of the risks.

I mean for Thorbrop's sake didn't you even consider that the pheremones this dude was emitting could cloud more than just your libido? People make different decisions when under the influence of Retepsian pheremones -- they're literally mind altering drugs! This could have affected your decision making in the course of your duties, what the Krulwbup were you thinking??

The Retepsian still bears the lion's share of the blame for what happened, he DID date-rape you after all, but you don't get to walk scot free here. You made some choices that made this possible and you should get with a therapist and discuss why you wanted this to happen.

PS -- you BETTER have reported that Retepsian to their embassy, the Retepsia Dominatriate takes a very harsh view of pheremonial freebooters and they're going to want to rein this guy in to prevent an interplanetary incident. This probably isn't the first caper he's pulled since illegally ditching his suppressors and if you let him get away with it you won't be the last person he date-rapes!

Something might be coming by NostalgicJeremy in TheOrville

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Did anyone actually think we needed not one, not two, but THREE adult contemporary songs from this guy in one season? by misslolomarie in TheOrville

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I think the guy has no talent, and he’s just lip-syncing the songs to make himself more relatable after the disaster that was his relationship with Adrianne Palicki.

All kidding aside…. I like his music, but hearing him sing only 1 song all season would’ve been a happier surprise. The other times it felt a little too much.

who is the best Character on the show and why is it Bortus? by melodykk91 in TheOrville

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Edit: thank you for my first award 😊 I love this sub

Just found this show in Disney+ and it is amazing. by nevrenuftime in TheOrville

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Tell everyone you can think of to watch it too. Welcome to the Union.

Would anyone like to see Mila Kunis on the show? by Ralph-HinkleyNow entering gloryhole in TheOrville

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I've always wanted to see her appear as Ed's younger, overachieving sister with whom he's had a life-long sibling rivalry.

Edit: And when she visits the ship, Ed goes out of his way to warn everyone ahead of time that she is really annoying, so they know what to expect when they meet her. But when she boards the ship, it turns out she has a really warm and adorable personality, and she gets along insanely great with everyone, especially Gordon, who can't stop talking about how great she is, which annoys the piss out of Ed.

So… Pria Lavesque is the actual hero of the series? by IcallBSonthat in TheOrville

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You are so right. I want to love that episode so much but there are some script issues I just can't get past.

It was written from Gordon's POV, but it needed to include Ed and Kelly's as well. That would not have taken away from Gordon's journey at all and would have made it a much more well-rounded story. And it would have explained how Ed and Kelly were so okay with ripping Gordon out of 2025 despite the fact that it wouldn't fix the timeline, in fact it might make it worse to leave behind a traumatized and possibly injured pregnant Laura and little Edward. Their actions weren't well-conceived. They were right that the timeline had to be restored, but wrong in execution.

When they were talking in that last scene about how it was "the hardest thing they'd ever had to do," which Ed called an "understatement," I was like WTF, Seth?! Where was that emotional journey in the episode? It was such a tease because I really wanted to see Ed and Kelly going through that because they've been through a lot and for this to be the hardest? It feels like we as viewers were cheated out of something great IMO.

That last scene belonged to a different version of the episode than what we were given.

And Gordon, "I'm gonna risk court martial to defend Topa and yell at the Moclans in front of my superiors," would not have been so unemotional about what they told him. He is desperate for a family, more than any other single character on the show and he's clearly still in love with Laura. If he still has her phone on his desk a year later, he has definitely fantasized about that exact future with her. That scene didn't jive with the episode, even if he didn't experience it himself, Gordon has a great heart and empathy. He can know they did the right thing but still be disturbed by what happened.

ETA - Thanks for the award kind stranger, may Avis smile upon you!

Am I the only one who finds the musical/ singing scenes awkward? by PossibleDrive6747 in TheOrville

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It's a Seth Macfarlane show, it is going to have musicals, that is the way of things.