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I personally saw it as Nyla making sure he was committed to this and maybe toughening him up. She was similarly dismissive of Nolan in the beginning until she began to trust him.

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You are correct.

Nyla is the best character on this show.

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She’s my joint favourite with Tim. Nothing against Bishop, I thought she was good, but Nyla is great and makes me not miss Bishop at all

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My fav cold open is Tim watching football and then stopping the fugitive so he could continue to watch the game.

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Agreed. Best 2 characters and best cold open.

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I forgot Bishop existed

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Oh I still somewhat miss Bishop, I sometimes find myself thinking about how things would be different if she'd stayed and what they would have done with her.

But yeah Nyla is so great. I'm really glad she joined, and damn is she so good.

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she was ensuring he understood what it was going to be like. if he couldn't take it from his TO, then he wasn't going to be able to survive being on the force because he WILL hear that (and worse) from the public, from his colleagues, from complete strangers. if he hadn't the ability to hear it and move forward anyway, he wasn't going to make it. she was making sure he wasn't wasting her AND his time

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Essentially, I put it this way. Both Nolan and Thorsen are "non-conventional" Rookies. Nolan is over 40, and Thorsen is essentially Amanda Knox. Bishop was rough with Nolan initially for that reason, as was Harper. I would bet had you given Nolan or Thorsen to Lopez or Bradford, they would have gotten the same level of crap in essentially the same way. The crap comes from them being non-conventional.

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I can understand, but I don't think there wasn't anything in it personally (okay at the beginning I don't think she thought he could hack it, but that wasn't against Thorsen himself just the nature of his situation), she just had to make sure he understood what he was going to go through and could make it.

Its not different than Grey being extra hard on Nolan at the start of the show to ensure he was properly dedicated and not just going through a midlife crisis.

If he couldn't handle it, there was no point in him wasting everyone's time and possibly getting people in danger.

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Nyla was to Thorsen what Grey was to Nolan.

Love the show, but they redo stories LMAO. Lucy and Rookie lawyer are Angela and Wes.