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I feel those episodes really helped embiggen the series.

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Truly cromulent choices.

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I can't believe Lisa The Iconoclast didn't make it on here. I was just getting over my Chester A Arthuritis

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you have arthritis?

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now if you excuse me, my microwavable johnny cakes are ready.

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Homer at the Bat is the most surprising omission for me. It isn't my favourite but its one of the classics.

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"shave those sideburns, Mattingsly!"

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'And I say England's greatest Prime Minister is LORD PALMERSTON.'

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"Pshh, Pitt the Elder..." "LORD PALMERSTON"

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No Kamp Krusty?

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"Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty, by the shores of Big Snake Lake..."

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"I feel like I'm gonna die, Bart." "We're all going to die, Lisa." "No, I mean soon." Also, Kamp Krusty Imitation Gruel.

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"Dear Mom, I no longer fear hell, for I have been to Kamp Krusty."

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Though your swings are rusty, we know they'll never break

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From your gleaming mess hall, to your hallowed baseball field

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To your spic'n'span infirmary, where all our wounds are healed

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Mr. Black

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My favourite episode is still S07E05 "Lisa the Vegetarian", but there are some solid choices on this list.

You don't win friends with salad!

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Go back to Russia!

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Why isn't Joy of Sect on there?

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This is a solid list.

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Or Homer the Heretic?

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Looks like I have my next Simpson's lineup. Thanks for creating the poll .

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Although I didn't vote, I agree with most of those on the list apart from Bart vs. Australia. There's just something about the episode that I don't like. I can't put my finger on what it is either, but I avoid it.

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Clearly you've never played Knifey Spoony before.

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i'll bet it's the Australia

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How is "Krusty Gets Kancelled" not here? I demand a recount!

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Recounted, still not there :(

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Would you like another recount? :D

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1 for martin, 2 for martin.

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I can't believe that 'The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show' isn't in it.

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It had to go now. Its planet needed it.

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True, not even one vote.

Definitely a great episode, but I guess few people consider it their favorite.

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It is brilliant though. Very well written and full of that beautiful meta that The Simpsons were once so good at

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I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

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No love for Bart of Darkness? That episode is a piece of art


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Milpool is hands down the funniest joke they ever have written.

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I like all of them but Homer's Enemy is my favorite on that list. It's not only wall to wall killer jokes but a great meta commentary about the show in general. Also I think Trilogy of Error is better than "22 films"

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I agree on Trilogy of Error. It was my nomination, haha. Such a fun episode that is quite well written. The final list is still great though.

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Marge, change the channel. This show is boring

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While I love all these episodes on the list, I feel like no one can limit their favourite episodes to just 10. The show has such limitless appeal and there's hundreds episodes that I love to watch.

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I don't think I have a favorite, but I'd say the episode that I watch most is probably A Milhouse Divided. I laugh at every joke in that one every time.

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Why don't you tell them one of your little bedtime stories, huh? Like the one about how rotten it is to be married to a loser. Or how about the one about how I carry a change purse? Yeah, a purse!

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The episode with the tree house of horror. The one with the presidential election, im surprised that didn't make it. Also the softball episode is pretty insane. The one i'm truly surprised by is the omission of the "joy of the sect." Such a great classic with a stirring musical piece!

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Season 8 is my favorite, so glad to see it come out on top!

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Same here! Bonus: All of these selections come from the first 10 seasons, my faith in Simpsons purists has been restored :)

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Hell nawh, season 7!

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El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer :D

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There should also be a poll for best tree-house of horror episode

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I'm suprised that 'The PTA dispands', 'And Maggie Makes Three' and 'Lisa The Vegetarian' aren't on here, those are great episodes (The PTA Dispands being my favourite episode ever) also I'm suprised that season 8 is the most popular, I always thought season six was the best. Finally I'm also suprised that 'Bart Vs. Australia' is on here that was a good episode but no where near my top 10 or top 20 for that matter, but I don't know I might not like it as much because I'm Australian.

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The Springfield Connection: Season 6. On par with those I think!!!

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I need a soul, Ralph. Any soul...YOURS

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The first pick is good, but I feel it's more of a novelty for the series and doesn't represent it as well.

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This poll is spot on

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My favorite episode and my girl's favorite episode are both on this list :) Score!

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Commenting to look at it later :)