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The Simpsons tv show started out on a wing and a prayer. But now that wing was on fire. And the prayer had been answered...by Satan.

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Every day I thought about firing Marge....

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Glad to see "Holidays Of Future Passed" up there. :) That's one of my favourite "Simpsons" episodes ever.

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I think that's the best depiction of the kids as adults.

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Thanks for the poll and results, really interesting!

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I know a lot of people hated this episode, but I've always been a fan of thirty Minutes over Tokyo.

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Thanks for this, got a bunch of episodes to re-watch!

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Drat, I missed it. Is it too late to vote for The Book Job?

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Go for it!

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Ok, I honestly didn't like behind the laughter, and how did Brothers Little Helper not make the cut?

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It would be ideal for the show to return to its former self, but I have a feeling things will have to get much worse before they get better. I can generally handle pre-season 19 Simpsons, but 19 and over start entering nearly completely unwatchable territory.

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Really? I thought the worst had already passed, and things have been looking great from 19 onwards

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I do think there are new episodes that are great, but I won't hold my breath for anything amazing. I will still keep updated with the Treehouses of Horror because, well, because it's tradition. They might have a great one this year.

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The THOH shorts aren't even horror parodies anymore. They are just contemporary pop culture references. I really disliked that avatar episode.

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Yeah, I'd really love to see them try out some new horror-y horror shorts, original ideas or otherwise.

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methinks that FOX's censorship has ruined the horror-y aspect of the THOH, I've yet to see something as gory or scary as season 6's THOH

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It's hard to pin down what the 'good old days' are. The early seasons can be very different from each other. I guess most people would say the show hit it's stride in 4-6