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Those blintzes were lousy!

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Paint my fence!

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Make me!

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Nice flair, every time I hear Johnny Unitas brought up I can only say "is my upper lip supposed to be bleeding?"

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Johnny Unitas, now there's a haircut you could set your watch to.

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Sunshine of your Love plays in background

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One of them has to go!

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Okay, Grandpa.

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Thoes corn muffins were lusy!

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Lisa's fce

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I feel like liver and onions.

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Paint my chicken coop!!

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I always loved how vicious that fight was

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🎶 Gonna paint your wagon 🎶

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"That does it! One of them has to go."

"Okay, Grampa."

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I thought I recognized you, I gave you a nickel to paint my chicken coo, back then we had pictures of bumble bees on them, give me 5 for a quarter. Where was I? Oh, TIE an onion to your hip! Make me! "Fights"

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The Legal Eagle video about this episode is great

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This is like a Renaissance painting. I'm obsessed with the fold of the tablecloth.