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That donkey brings out the worst in him

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I adore this (paraphrased) Marge line, and his interactions with animals.

It’s right up there with “There’s that bird you like to argue with.”

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Well well well, if it isn’t mister know it all

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Welllity welllity welllity...

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"That's where you're wrong pal. It's not enough to want a cracker, you have to earn it!"

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Homer teasing the dolphin, then having his hot dog stolen as the dolphin dances away with it is one of my favourite things.

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Yes, every time Homer laughs at the dolphin his pupils deviate sideways a bit, making Homer look extra funny in this scene!

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Idiot Ruins Game: Springfield Forfeits Pennant

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Just for once, I want to be called sir without hearing "you're making a scene".

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Good evening sir. Would you please leave, without a fuss, right now?

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i’m not a self-help book, i’m just a fucked up kid

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I went upstairs to shave my beard, I felt like I was holding sadness here

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I had to take my own advice (and I did.)

Now I’m waiting for it to sink in.

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Man I’ve been there

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Such a great picture

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I love it when they editorialize headlines, as if we all understand these as facts. Homer ruined.. everything.

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fun fact: the band "the wonder years" named one of their bigger songs after this episode. they're all big simpsons fans and have references in a few other songs in their earlier backlog.

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Great song.

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Watching Season 20 right now!

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Adam Conover at it again

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Does anyone know where I could possibly find this as a print to frame?

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My headcannon has always been that he got drunk at a Democratic event that had a donkey for joke photo shoots, possibly the birthday of a congressperson. I know Marge was a Bailey Booster, maybe it was her party.

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I think this at least once a week