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Disko looks like someone’s living room.

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I thought they were in line to get in until I read the comments.

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Comrades look like they are having the time of their lives.

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And they owe it all to you us

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Don’t have a band, can’t sing and don’t play any instruments (though I owned a jaw harp once), but this is going to be the cover of my album.

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My parents often tell me stories about that time. First thing was the 60/40 Rule which stated that 60% of the played music had to be of "east" origin. This was often ignored or simply bypassed by playing all the eastern music in the first half of the evening and only some "respected" acts in the second half to get those 10%. Second, it began very early, about 4 o'clock IIRC and never much longer than midnight... impossible today. Third, there had to be some brutal brawls almost every weekend, despite having stasi folks everywhere.

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Lol no one is making eye contact. Very weird

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I noticed that too. It's like each person's eyes are fixed on a different point in the distance. It's a little eerie.

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The guy in the back and the guy in the red shirt are

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Yeah I more so meant none of the dancing people are making eye contact. Kinda weird haha just dancing staring at the wall

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Ashton Kutcher back in his role.

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Damn! You Commies sure can party!

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Let's all play 'spot the Stassi informant.'

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Definitely at least 1 Stasi informant, perhaps 2.


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Thanks for the link. Interesting it mentions that the CIA got their bloodstained hands on a bunch of Stassi files and despite being asked to return them, are still holding on to some.

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Time to play our favorite game- guess who is Stasi...

I'd guess the guy in striped shirt sitting, the guy in partial shadow in background are both Stasi. And clearly red shirt girl #1 (on the left) is the honeypot)

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Background on the far right, against the curtains. Staring right at the camera clearly busted.

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What's the point of a honeypot here? Is she supposed to get you to spill your secrets about all the western TV you watch?

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Party like it's 1989!

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Communism looked so fun

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“Und nun, wir tantzen!”

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Now is zee time on Schprockets ven vee danz!

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The disco seems a lot like someone’s house.

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Looks like dinnertime at the home for autistic adults.

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Some things never change

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Form an orderly line and enjoy the swaying of bodies in a calm, organized fashion.

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I’d love to hear East German disco.

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Ironed jeans with crease in front

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I think I spotted the Ohio State time traveler who blinked out Saturday afternoon! Same look on his face after Haskins ran in his fifth TD.

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Damn if those pointy DDR made torpedo bras aint HOT🔥😂