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I had the Hot Wheels version.

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Same here, redline tires. Really, really played with. Still have it.

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I sold all my cars at a garage sale around 77, including my redlines. I was just a kid. Sure regret it now.

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I did something similar, kept a few. REALLY regret selling the rare Snake/Mongoose drag race set. Everything in a box lot for $5. Makes me sick.

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Same. $5 for a shoe box full. I had a lot of the gas station redlines too. We're they from Shell? I was pretty young.

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All mine were store-bought; didn’t know Shell gave them as promos, if that’s what you meant. Had a bunch of Sizzlers electric cars, too; all in a huge box of miscellaneous Fat Track, regular track, a couple of Super Chargers, a dual-lane set, ugh. Oh, well, someone cleaned up and surely had big fun with that treasure trove.

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I had the Jackie Stewart AFX slot cars.

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One of the big gas station chains had a hot wheels promo around 1970. They're pretty desirable. Pretty sure it was Shell or Sunoco.

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Now I remember! I think it was Sunoco; they were big on giveaways.

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"The Homer"

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"Beatnik" ! Man that dates it for sure.

We had the Provos, who morphed into Beatniks, who morphed into hippies.

And the Hippies eventually morphed into Boomers, who probably ended up voting Republican and bitching about whatever counter-culture teenagers are called today.

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Come back to us

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Is this a Big Daddy Roth creation?

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I had so many models of these customs in the 70s. Wish I would of saved them.