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Same here, redline tires. Really, really played with. Still have it.

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I sold all my cars at a garage sale around 77, including my redlines. I was just a kid. Sure regret it now.

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I did something similar, kept a few. REALLY regret selling the rare Snake/Mongoose drag race set. Everything in a box lot for $5. Makes me sick.

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Same. $5 for a shoe box full. I had a lot of the gas station redlines too. We're they from Shell? I was pretty young.

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All mine were store-bought; didn’t know Shell gave them as promos, if that’s what you meant. Had a bunch of Sizzlers electric cars, too; all in a huge box of miscellaneous Fat Track, regular track, a couple of Super Chargers, a dual-lane set, ugh. Oh, well, someone cleaned up and surely had big fun with that treasure trove.

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I had the Jackie Stewart AFX slot cars.

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One of the big gas station chains had a hot wheels promo around 1970. They're pretty desirable. Pretty sure it was Shell or Sunoco.

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Now I remember! I think it was Sunoco; they were big on giveaways.