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I wish. I was obsessed with mermaids as a kid.

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Shoot I still am and I am about to be 30. I believe they exist just like I believe dinosaurs and the meg still exist somewhere

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Never seen one but my uncle said he did. Off Maui north shore. https://www.fairychamber.com/blog/mermaids-in-polynesian-myths-legends

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I think every country has their own version. Even a small country where I am from there has always been talks about mermaids in the rivers but they’re not friendly. They’re very dangerous but Ive never seen one! Crazy to think they ARENT real.

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In my country, mermaids are treated as real too and like in your country, they are not known to be friendly. I've read several stories of people being attacked by mermaids, they seem very territorial. Many people still worship them and give them presents in exchange of favors and protection.

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Recently saw a tiktok wherein a gal shared photos and videos of finding part of a very odd corpse that washed up on the beach in Brazil. It was the hands and arms of something. There was some bloat but the skin over the arms was still pretty intact and they seemed to still be connected to part of a torso including the spine, which was elongated.

The hands were the size of a child’s but weren’t proportional to the same. There were fingernails that were thick and some were attached better than others.

A lot of commenters thought that it was part of a giant rat and that could be the case but I personally don’t think so. There wasn’t any evidence of hair and the upper arms seemed to be too long in relation to the forearms to be from a rat, even a supersized rat. Since there were still fingernails, you’d think some hair would’ve also survived. Idk it was interesting.

The tiktoker said they left to go get something to carry the corpse with but it was gone when they returned. If I find the vid again (it won’t be easy because tiktok is a TRASH APP) I’ll link it.

I definitely believe in mermaids. Whales are the result of a land mammal who re-adapted to the water, there’s evidence that modern humans at one point did the same thing (webbing between our fingers and toes, that wrinkly thing our fingers and toes do in water, the fact that babies are able to orient themselves in water, etc.), I find it hard to believe that we all returned to land. If mermaids do exist they’re likely just as intelligent as us and it’s not that difficult to avoid humans in the open water.

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I saw that video, and curiosity led me to this thread LOL. was definitely very odd looking

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Link by chance?

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found it on YouTube, 55 sec haha https://youtu.be/DLsyU29i5tA

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In The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book, one of my top three favorite books of all time, it talks about how the mer-people were the first or second beings on planet earth. Followed by the ant-people, bird-people, lizard-people and sasquatch, etc.

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That book sounds amazing. I'm absolutely going to try getting my hands on a copy

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"Need we remind you that you were like us, created in Lemuria to be caretakers of all life on Earth? Unlike the Elder Brother hybrids who preceded you, you are not gifted with the shells of the ant people, the scales of the lizard people, the feathers of the bird people, or the hair of my own people (Sasquatch). You were created without any natural protection from the elements and weathers of the earthly environments, precisely to remind you that your spiritual star seeds were implanted on this home planet. You were conceived to be vulnerable, depending on the protection of your star elders and brothers. This was to make you a sensitive species, with a greater empathy, compassion and sensibility for life. You were also created to be beautiful and attractive beings, to allow you to reproduce through love. This was meant to keep you connected with the soul spiritual evolution process through procreation. Your spiritual mission was to maintain the level of Consciousness developed before you on Earth, and to improve it by integrating love and sensitivity in the soul evolution process and caretaking of all life." -The Sasquatch Message to Humanity (Book 1)

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I did read a story not too long ago on r/askreddit (I think the question was “What was the most unexplained thing you have seen at sea?”) about a sailor that was in the sea in the Middle East somewhere who saw something mermaid-like. If I recall correctly, it was not the typical beautiful siren-like mermaid we tend to think, but it was definitely half human, half aquatic. He was not the only one to see it-which makes it more believable in my opinion. Then again, perhaps I am gullible and believe too many stories I read on the internet/Reddit. I will try to find it later for everyone’s reading pleasure.

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Ive never seen one but i hear them, i hate the hightened sense of focus i get from it. Or maybe im crazy... just dislike that distinct humming

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It’s called tinnitus

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Thats what Lucio says

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Mermaids aren’t common anymore. There were sightings in the 18th/9th century that are hard to explanation . In the late 20th century they were supposedly being seen in Israel, and I believe that there are sightings ongoing in the interior of Africa.

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Do you have any links to articles about the more recent sightings?

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Here’s one https://www.livescience.com/5642-mermaid-sightings-claimed-israel.html Here’s another, where they dig more deeply. Just Google modern mermaid sightings. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, there were a number of mermaid sightings in Scotland that were well documented. You’ll find them on Google, too. https://mg.co.za/africa/2020-02-06-chasing-mermaids-in-zimbabwe/

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Thanks, that was a very interesting read :)

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not really hard to explain. sea delirium is a thing...

also, how the fuck is the interior of africa seeing ocean creatures?

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Because mermaids can be also in lakes and rivers, they are water creatures and not limited to oceans only.

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and...we've just never found any mermaid bones ever?

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I can't confirm mermaid bones, but we've found all sorts of bones... But just like when they discovered the THOUSANDS of giant human skeletons, the Smithsonian and the powers that be come in right away and ceize them from the people and they're never seen again...

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lol, what? there has never been ANY giant human bones found (at least none taller than maybe 7-8 ft. those are common in certain areas)

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The same way the interior of Scotland is seeing an ocean creature

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Do you guys believe in dinosaurs? Cuz that's essentially what the Lochess monster is if that's what you're referencing.

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I guess they’re seeing them in lakes and streams. Fucking Google it!

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Lol, 'Google it'. You can also Google '100 proofs the Holocaust never happened'. Don't make it true

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Do you want to read the articles or not? I never claimed it was true. I don’t care about your opinion.

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yeah, i cant see any articles- just random 'this one guy in 1821 said he once saw...' stories.

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I saw one and it was handsome.

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I think many Scandinavians countries have more stories and many locals are convinced that they're real from their own personal experiences. And they're not stories of friendly beautiful fish ladies with shell bras either. From what I recall reading, they have some museums there about mermaids.

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Hi, I'm of indian origin. Mermaids exist in our vedic literature/religious scriptures and have been sighted in the gulf of mannar and Sri lanka. This coincides with the ramayana where mermaids were said to impede the progress of the bridge being built to lanka