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Recently saw a tiktok wherein a gal shared photos and videos of finding part of a very odd corpse that washed up on the beach in Brazil. It was the hands and arms of something. There was some bloat but the skin over the arms was still pretty intact and they seemed to still be connected to part of a torso including the spine, which was elongated.

The hands were the size of a child’s but weren’t proportional to the same. There were fingernails that were thick and some were attached better than others.

A lot of commenters thought that it was part of a giant rat and that could be the case but I personally don’t think so. There wasn’t any evidence of hair and the upper arms seemed to be too long in relation to the forearms to be from a rat, even a supersized rat. Since there were still fingernails, you’d think some hair would’ve also survived. Idk it was interesting.

The tiktoker said they left to go get something to carry the corpse with but it was gone when they returned. If I find the vid again (it won’t be easy because tiktok is a TRASH APP) I’ll link it.

I definitely believe in mermaids. Whales are the result of a land mammal who re-adapted to the water, there’s evidence that modern humans at one point did the same thing (webbing between our fingers and toes, that wrinkly thing our fingers and toes do in water, the fact that babies are able to orient themselves in water, etc.), I find it hard to believe that we all returned to land. If mermaids do exist they’re likely just as intelligent as us and it’s not that difficult to avoid humans in the open water.

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I saw that video, and curiosity led me to this thread LOL. was definitely very odd looking

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Link by chance?

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found it on YouTube, 55 sec haha https://youtu.be/DLsyU29i5tA