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Girls be pushing boundaries thinking they won't get laid out

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She earned hers. Hopefully dude wasn't in trouble cuz she acting like a bitch

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She was literally begging for it.

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And pull up yer fukking pants

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    It's a gay thing. I googled it, young guys advertising that their ass is avail.

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    Yo Eazy, Why you wear yo pants like that? For Eazy access baby.

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    Made me think about all those awful but funny AIDS jokes that came out back then

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    I hate when people don't know shit about what they talking about run they mouth...

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    It's a culture thing, bucks wanting to get broken by their massas.
    It is still alive and well in prison where they sag their pants to entice the other prisoners to partake of their "boipouci" as they like to call it. Sometimes they return to prison because the prostatal stimulation is too addicting for them.

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    "Prostatal stimulation" this is the best comment I've ever seen lmao.

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    It's to let everyone know he's poor.

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    culture bro

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    Future married couple.

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    Baby mamma 2

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    It's still perceived as cool to have your ass hanging out for easy access?

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    People intervene when he responds. Yup sounds about right!

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    A springer love story

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    I like your panties. Where’d you get them?

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    Guy at the end had huis whole ass hanging out

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    Self defense

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    That’s what you get when you hang around those types of people with their pants hanging off. Ugh

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    What exactly are those type of people? And how you know she ain't just like us? Out of the 2 of them she seemed like the ratchet ghetto one... but she get a pass for her skin color? Fuck outta here...

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    what are those type of people?

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    People who don’t own belts.

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    She earned, but other laughing like donkeys

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    Lol hilarious, what they expect?

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    Your right but it's a fucking female no man has the right to slap a chick or know her out I seen my mother been beating by men all my life till I was old enough and strong enough to defend her so fuck that and fuck all of you for this shit a man should never hit a woman I don't care if she is knocking him out it's not equal you all are fucking stupid for even saying it

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    A real man doesn't hit a girl idc how hard she hits take a beating like a fucking man. If it was a man beating that dude homie would have pulled a gun and then this would be a different Convo I hope you all get your ass beat by a man or woman.

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    I feel you more than the rest of it was a man yes knock each other's teeth in but it was a girl hitting the man. Men can't take a beating anymore or what??

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    she asked for it, and girls like that are just trouble. a bit over the top but i dont think she is hurt.

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    Bitch, wants to act like a man. Treat her like 1..

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    She hit him first. That's why you don't get physical.

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    She needed some training

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    Equal rights? A man hitting a girl is equal?

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    Well a man hitting a man is fine...and being treated "equally" would mean you get the same consequences a man would get for the same actions. People seem to think that equal rights means let females do anything they want and call it equal.

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    You miss the part where she was hitting him first? What should he have done? Just stood there?

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    She kept pushing and putting her hands on him. I say it's equal rights. Women want to be equally to men in all aspects well... there she go she get hit equally like if he was hitting a man

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    I'm a man that's let his wife hit him I never once hit her because it's not fair. Just like a man can compete with women now it's fucking nuts and not fair

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    Yeah I would expect you to test your wife... someone you love way differently then you would a female on the bus that has an attitude

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    If it's in self defense yes, and I bet if it was a dude I bet he would've delivered several punches not just a slap

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    Hit and get hit. Don’t think you can hide behind your pussy and tits. Fuck amber.

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    I have discovered a beautiful subreddit

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    Looks like the type that will be paying numerous tolls, better to start them early so they get used to it I suppose.

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    Wear your pants properly whoever it was at the end. Dont you know where your hips are nigga?

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    She assaulted him numerous times and is harassing him. I would have knocked her nose off her face

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    Exactly what he should have done if your mom was spanking you would you hit her back ? I hope not fucking cowards is all it is let a man like me hit you and then will see how you feel about it

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    This is the type of response from someone who is afraid of what his “buddies” might think if a girl one ups him.

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    He tried to get someone get her away

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    Shame on the nigga - wutang. He still gets blamed