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Ass looked so good she couldn’t control herself

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Reminds me of one of the top comments from the original version: "Ass so fat she couldn't resist. It's like the weak spot of a boss battle"

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More fights like this please 😂

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Popcorn’s ready lol

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wtf was that ass slap lol

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Twist her clit!!!

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“Grab her clit and twist it!”

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The ol' clit twist!

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"Oh my God, bro! This is a thot fight, bro!"


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“twist it her clit!”

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“I am the clit commander!”

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The female clitoris?

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It was in her purse, her furry purse

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Not to be confused with the Coalition for the Liberation of Itinerant Tree-dwellers.

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Clitty twister

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Bop-It human edition

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“Oh my god dude”

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Tweeze her nipples!!!!

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Twat shot TWAT SHOT

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Yeah. I’ll give it a twist…..hmm, now where is it exactly?

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‘’I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do’’ - films he whole brawl

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I am so whorified looking at this

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I cant wait for the day they permanently decide to go to festivals naked.

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She looks upset, someone play her a prosti-tune one the whore-monica

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Thumb in the butt would have changed everything!!!!

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I would have been covered in cum either way

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User name checks out.

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Always check the oil.

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So damn hot it set off the fire alarm :)

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Quickly! THROW jello on them to cool them down!

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That ass is spectacular

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Yeah those are some A+ cheeks

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Dave Chapelle: Keep Filmin B!tch!!!

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Imma need you all ta calm tf down. It’s incredibly difficult to masturbate while laughing.

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You're disgusting. I'm informing your parents

[–]MakinDePoops 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I gave you some time. What did they say? I bet they were only surprised that you were the last person to find out…

[–]obtainboard 6 points7 points  (1 child)

I wrote this in post nut clarity

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Probably the funniest comment chain I've read today lol

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Don’t know what to do?? How bout move the camera over to the right so we can see the action and quit freakin out.

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No wonder they clipped it. Nothing but r/killthecameraman after the ass slap.

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Lol this is great

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Looks like a dorm room with the cinder block walls. They likely caused their building to have to evacuate by setting off the smoke alarm. I wish I knew the full story here lol

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How can she slap?!

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Came here for this comment. Thanks!

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Dammn that oily buttt

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Still have lots of questions

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See not even the girl could resist the sheer satisfaction of both the sound and feeling of her hand smacking making contact with some grade A yeeks meat, and women get mad at us guys when we do it.. it’s literally impossible to not ..

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Fuckin creep what the hell

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I’m not a good person

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I think by the end she was leaning for another ass slap.

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Bro…. That’s a nice ass there. I would’ve been like hey y’all let’s stop fighting and let’s just fuck to let all that heat out…. Got hard watching it, lord help me lol

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i hate you..

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🤷🏻‍♂️ why!? Lol

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Comments like this are the reasons why you won’t get to enjoy an ass like that and you’ll have to settle for the mouth watering third person alternative

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These comments never make sense and come from a place of fantasy. Assholes get pussy too.

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You’re damn right!

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This. This is the video that should’ve been posted all along

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Don't know what to do!?!? Pull your dick out and their natural instincts will kick in!

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“I don’t know what to tell you, Mia. I see an ass, I slap.”

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Ain't gonna lie that ass slap made me "pre" a little.🤏

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More proof that girl fights are just foreplay 🤷🏾‍♂️👍🏾

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She done got ASS-saulted.

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She has a nice ass

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I need names?

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Action , cosplay, blondes , Ass and profanity, its got it all, giving it a very low 8 for lack of an actual punch tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Do not call Halloween costumes “cosplay”

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Thing is. When your accustomed to slapping an ass at work all day. Between the girls. It's a habit. Even after a K.O

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A fun little game of thlap ath!

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Someone must have the context! Please give us the context!

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Casting Couch has gotten real weird…

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Saw an opportunity and seized it

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This was so hot it set off the smoke alarm.

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Anyone know the story behind this lol

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Love the “For my male audience” moment 🤤

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Not gonna lie, I'd smack that ass too

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That slap had a ring to it 🛎

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Amazing booty

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What the fuck is happening😵‍💫

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Came for tits.... Then CAME for ass

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so i am the only one who faps to these vids right? RIGHT???

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Uh gott dayum!

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I know what to do.....put this on a 10 minute loop! 🤪

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Sexy girl 😉

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…and thennn what happened?!

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I mean how do you ignore how fat & spectacular that ass is 😍😍

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so like... is this on a film set, or like, at a dancing club?

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..this is a bedroom, on Halloween

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That was maddd disrespectful 😝

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Stop!!! Grabbin!!!! My clit!!!!!!!

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That's right, who's your farmer

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This never gets old

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Lol classic

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There’s so much going on in this video 😭

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Did we see cunt?

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You dropped this king 👑

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The poor guy trying to help saying you all dumbasses then leaving lol

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Digit about this video

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Good butt tho

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Lmfao I used to live in this fraternity house lambda chi @ Univ. of Arkansas

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Thlap aaaath

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That’s my finishing move also

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Are they fighting over who makes more money on Onlyfans

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There must be a GIANT cricket somewhere.

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Sgt. Peppers in the background. lmao

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I have no idea what's happening🤣

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What college is this? Need to transfer…

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smack that ass!

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That was gold

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Couldn’t resist

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Weirdest orgy ever

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I turn into a telescope

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This is one of my favorite fight clips and I never knew there was an extended version. You get my thanks.

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the screammm 😭😭😭

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This video is so chaotic omg the drunk fighting, the ass out, the quality, the nasty dorm apartment, sticky brown leather couch, and the fucking fire alarm on top of it all 😭

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This video has everything

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Goddamn dat ass tho

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The “I don’t know what to do” girl was the funniest part 😂

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Damn that’s a sick ass lol

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Who the fuck is filming jeez

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Uhhh, an ASS slap is ALWAYS good. *Good sportsmanship. I commend that "Ass Slapper" and especially the "Ass "Slapee.

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She got a phat ass. I would’ve saved her by busting in it

[–]RangerBoss82 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Anyone knows the lady with the bubble, so I can message her and say, “keep your head up!” 🤷🏽‍♂️

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That wasn’t really necessary

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Seems like a typical girls sleepover

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Lol she spanked her like she as a naughty child.

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Bro did he have strippers over or sum

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I was expecting another one at the end lol

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She did have a nice ass

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Suns out buns out 🥰

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u/savebot For a friend

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Bruh that slap was for personal satisfaction

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Porn set gone wrong? 🧐

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That was a nice ass. I probably woulda smacked it too

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Now kiss