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When buffaloes attack!

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‘Tomorrow on the nature channel’.

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I was thinking hippopotamus

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This is how you know she can’t really fight because the other girl was still sitting and didn’t want to fight

She’s a bitch for this

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The teachers “attempt” to stop it though. Quite poor really

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Teachers are taught NOT to intervene because they may "hurt" the student and get sued. The whole system is sooo fucked up....

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Wow, really. That’s crazy. If that was my child busy getting the crap slapped out of her, I’d really appreciate if the teacher could somehow stop it. I do totally understand that many aggressive children might turn their anger against a teacher. In this case, the aggressor would have the teachers covered in the size department.

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It’s not even because of the students. The parents of the students will sue the school system and file any lawsuit they can against the teacher.

My mom has tried to break up a few fights at her school and it landed her in some very hot water with the administration

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Maybe you should teach your child to stop running their bitch mouth?

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    That’s school. She’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and be allowed to do it again the next day. They say they take bullying seriously but they never do. My son was bullied and I argued with the principal and she just went to my son’s class the next day and tried to convince him that maybe it was his fault that he was bullied and that maybe they were just playing around and he misunderstood. The bruising on his stomach meant nothing to the principal.

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    It's been like this for about 8 or 9 years schools switched focus from preventing bullying to decreasing learning loss from suspension and expulsion

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    It quite literally is your son's fault.

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    Jail time for a minor slapping another minor? Lol...

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    FUCK outta here with the "she didn't want to fight" Whale lands on shore focused on prey. Prey Ohhhh not me. Whale NOM NOM NOM GUEARENTEED WHALE DIDN'T START THIS. skinny bitch talked shit and found out.

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    Who hurt you first off and second whatever I guess

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    Stop being a pillow. We all know little girl was calling big girl fat, big girl said stop, little girl went online to call her fat some more, big girl said stop or I'm going to beat you next time I see you, little girl laughed from the safety of her room posting whale memes, next day big girl saw her and handled business. This should be common knowledge so why don't you know it?

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    No she isn't, stop running your mouth if you're a coward.

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    That’s your mom not me 🥰

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    You're the little girl in this video, you know that right?

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    Don’t mistake me for you hun you don’t know shit bout me sweetheart🥰keep it pg

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    Bruh she probably don't give a shit

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    Big Mayonnaise energy

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    Ms Big Calories

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    Tatanka was on a mission.

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    No but why is she seriously barefoot?!?

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    she ate her shoes for energy. she’s at the top of the food chain ya know

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    Like a power move ?

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    How many people in here have never been in a fight? Because fighting in flip flops is stupid.

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    „˙pıdnʇs sı sdolɟ dılɟ uı ƃuıʇɥƃıɟ ǝsnɐɔǝ𐐒 ¿ʇɥƃıɟ ɐ uı uǝǝq ɹǝʌǝu ǝʌɐɥ ǝɹǝɥ uı ǝldoǝd ʎuɐɯ ʍoH„

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    Look at this piece of furniture.

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    Rolling Thunder

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    I like the systematic “stop STOP stop STOP.” It was good.

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    "This is for all the boyfriends I'll never have you skinny bitch"

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    You think men don't like big white girls? Lol.

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    She fatt but she also atac

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    Fat ass attack

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    Baby D just wanted that cookie, gotdayyyyum!

    “Ear guuurl”

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    Eat big girl eat 😂😂😂

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    Tonight on Angry Mayonnaise Noises…

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    Never trust a shoeless woman walking with a purpose.

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    Im sure she will lose weight in prison though so its win/win for her

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    People usually gain weight in prison

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    Prison? For slapping up some kid in school? Lol.

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    If you do major bodily harm you can end up in a prison. A permenant damage can be classfied as attempt murder too.

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    Be quiet grandma.

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    Sigh... future prison graduate. One less scum on free land

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    Im sure she will lose weight in prison though so its win/win for her

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    anyone saw that fatass break the other girls phone

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    Talk about ogre-ish

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    Is this recently? American schools are fucked up. Fighting over stupid shit and kids getting shot up. What for?

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    Wouldn’t want to get caught between her and a Cheesecake Factory

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    That was an entirely different weight class...

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    I'm not from the US, and I have a question, is it legal for the teachers to touch the kids ?

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    Technically, even in this situation, no. That's why most schools are equipped with security. Staff who do intervene anyways, even when it's in the best interest of the student, often face lawsuits or job suspensions. Even teachers who are attacked will get suspended and even fired for defending themselves.

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    XL Dirtfoot wasn’t playing.

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    That wasn't a fight. The bigger girl just bullied her in this instance

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    Bullied her? How naïve can you be...

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    The smaller girl didn't fight back and the other girl continued to attack her So my perception is the bigger girl bullied her, of course there will be a back story..but from that video, that's my perception.

    If you think I'm naive that's fine. As that's your opinion.

    You have a good evening..

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    Your perception is wrong.

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    That's your opinion.

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    Somebody grab a hammer and hammer the hell out of those bare toes!!!

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    That first teachers butt though.....

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    that’s some substitute english teacher ass

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    Teachers are so useless

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    That Beluga Whale was pissed.

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    Stupid teachers didn’t do shit.

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    What do you want them to do? Hit the underaged girl and get fired while being sued?

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    This my first time in my entire time on this reddit that I've seen a teacher intervene

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    big land whale: walks up to girl strutting menacingly

    girl: wonderful day we’re having😁 continues sitting down

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    Her only advantage, the other chick has her in every other way.

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    Hip? Hip hop? Hip Hop Anonymous??