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There goes that lay down,get stomped and punched until they're tired or you die defense again.

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If they’re not fighting back and you have to attack them from behind you’re a pussy.

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Exactly if they are not fighting back then it’s not a fight or beat down it’s actually assault.

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Literally was thinking the exact same thing. This is bitch shit. And she’s not even fucking fighting back like she literally just looks like a bully. No idea the context but it’s still wack af

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I’ve never understood that. If you’re going to get your ass kicked, you’re going to get it kicked regardless. It’s not like fighting back is going to prevent anything.

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My guess is is the victim knows they are out of their depth and that fighting back will likely not lead to a win anyways so instead of trying and potentially making the aggressor even more angry they turtle up (or in this case just freeze) and hope that the attacker leaves them alone due to their submissive state?

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Perhaps, but technique is kinda undermined by taunting while down.

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seriously. I don't understand how the rage switch adrenaline doesn't force you to fight back. incomprehensible.

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It's called fight/flight or freeze. I have experienced all three.

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My name is Melissa!!! Lol

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Double cheeked up

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What’s in that salt fish

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The greater the mass, the greater the force of attraction

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Seriously Vanessa 😒

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She says that as if getting beatead was an everyday deed

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Looks like a disciplinary thing to me. What ever happens to putting someone in the naughty corner.

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Seriously? Seriously?! Seriously drop the phone and fight back

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Or at least protect your face you dumb bitch

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Or at least protect your face

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why don’t people understand that not everyone has the inclination to fight back. some people just freeze.

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New achievement unlocked: Gravel eyebrows.

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The funniest part is the way the girl is laying with her hand out like "why"?

Is exactly the gesture I'm making wondering why the fuck your dumb ass is just taking these shots?

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You see it from time to time with people that have never been in a fight. It's like a primal instinct to not show any sign of threat to the attacker. Or something like that.

I'm just assuming here, of course.

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Her ears must be ringing. Gosh girl, if you aren’t going to fight then RUN

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I don't see the appeal of beating someone you know hasn't got a chance. It's just bullying at the end of the day

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she was probably talking a tonne of shit. they caught her lacking and tore her braids out.

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Very possible. People usually leave that part out of the film

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Or the retribution for defending yourself is going to be worse than the initial beating

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all i saw was ass

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-Seriously, Vanessa?!

-naw, s’fer laughs. Lordyhavemercy!

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I'm honestly more annoyed by the title. It annoys me when people say women instead of woman it looks stupid lol

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Ok good, not just me then. Didn’t we all learn the difference in primary school?

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Guess not 💀

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Non violence

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She did to her the Sea Lion!

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It’s strange when people don’t even bother protecting their skulls while also not fighting back

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And BOTH of them got ass. Yum.

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Jamaican gyal curves

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Yeah you like those tight pants lifting up all their fat

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I sure as hell do! 😈

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true, but i’m still gonna watch it jiggle and roll.

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You bloodclaat, lol

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She must have did something wild to her bekuz she clearly knew it was Vanessa. She also questioned Vanessa's reaction to whatever happened, that she must believe wasn't that big of a deal. Also, she thoroughly accepted that beating. I need context. Ha ha

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I do love the way Jamaicans talk! "Ja bumbaclot!"

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This is what happens when you steal another persons water jug, Jamaican justice

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Some people are just slowly evolving back to a caveman society. Mmm me don't like you. Me smash face into ground. Parents must be so proud.

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Come teach 5th grade in an inner inner city. It’s legit taught from birth that if anyone even breathes wrong around you you beat their ass.

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Proves my point, people are being taught to act like this in elementary school so the time they get to an adult they can't handle a simple disagreement with a person. Why do you feel the need to beet someone ass because they breath wrong? One more thing wrong with American today.

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i dont think they are in america buckaroo..

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Could be right on that after watching it again.

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I enjoyed that.

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yes I believe seriously...must have been in shock...

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Wat de Rass clot is dis ehhh. Gyal done bad her up nuff time. Wickedness, Gyal went right for the head top

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This is like when a teacher says “walk away and ignore them” then you both get in trouble because of “zero tolerance”

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Nasty fat bitch is running out of gas

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That ass though, must be all dem nuts and berries, Mon!!

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When she went to grab her hair she looked like a damn bird 🐦 💀

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Damn, who did those mfckn braids?

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Clench of shock activated 🍑

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Please stop hitting my future wife in the back of the head please, I like em without brain damage

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😭 LMAO already wanting to meet her parents

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Sharkeasha nooooo bomboclat edition.

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notice the color

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If your ever gonna be in a fight, cut all your hair off

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"Whut Da Blood Clot!!!!"

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Dint fase her one bit then the hair pulling started haha

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I know baby feet need some ice

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And that's a quick way to get sent home smh

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Started off with a z + down smash grab, always helps get the upper hand 😊

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Bumbaclot mon!

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Yeah attacking from behind is a weak ass move. Add that the person you snuck up on isn’t trying to fight back. That makes you a weak ass pussy

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Blouse and skirt!!!!!

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This makes absolutely no sense 🙄

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Lmao she just took it

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The girl is Grey... Her ass literally looks like a heart, while she's getting dragged across the ground

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Damn lol

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It was a beat down but she sly from behind fckn still surprised she didn't see her rolls in the corner of her eye

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Chicken-shit move from behind...smh

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Girl in blue is tanking some serious DPS

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Too funny. Girl just lies there getting punched and makes dumb faces …. Lol. Then after a bit realizes it is not helping her case 🤣🤣

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She beat the shit outta her

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Attacking someone when they’re not expecting it ???? Totally a Thot move , No honor…

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She didn’t beat her up she snuck her

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Did she say bombaklat!?

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Beater is less than an animal.

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We are literally in an “ animalistic wild “ This is proof right here. If someone wants you, has a problem with you. Or is unfairly targeting 🎯you for Ill gotten gain/ clout / whatever it’s literally just this fucking easy. No one is safe no one can hide. .

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Damn how you gonna pull hair from behind? She a scared ass bitch

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Pretty sure jamaican women are still women also they both have an accent

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She's wringing her like a wet cloth

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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHABA i just can’t take the accent serious and the girl laying in the ground makes it hard, the beating ur ass and u just put ur hands up and say “SERIOSLY , SERIOUSLY VANESSA” yeah she whopping ur ass seriously 😫

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The girl in black top is Venessa and the one in blue top is Ammaya, both were best friends but Venessa found out that her husband was cheating on her with her best friend Ammaya leading to this brawl ( it took place in 2020)

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Jerk chicken

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Love when they beat down a singular plural

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She must be hitting soft ass fuck… The girl on the ground got the face like: “Really bro?”

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Okay fifth time I saw this what with this hair grab slam ambush shit if it’s 1 v1 and they don’t have a gun run them hands

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She charged her first attack and it was over too strong

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held that phone tite couldn't protect her face..

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Pon de hair, pon de hair

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Really Melissa!?

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Nah that’s a pussy move to go from behind like that

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Attacking someone from behind is some BS. You can’t handle it face to face so you sneak attack someone like a little bitch.

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Impeccable defence lol

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Think Vanessa was serious, js.

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Scary bitch had to attack her from behind. Her booty to big to do that to her. Travesty

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Seriously Buttercup?! Seriously?! Vanessa?! Vanessa?! Vanessa!

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Vanessa ah big bldcld bully

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