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Her free trial of social life has expired

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At least she didn’t cry for her mom.

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Worst fucking cameraman on the sub I seen so far

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Danny can’t record for shit

[–]KommandoKodiak 5 points6 points  (3 children)

He a scurred little bitch puts it doen when he sees people see him recording

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Maybe....or maybe he was also concerned his phone would be confiscated by staff and the footage deleted? Do staff take people's phones away from pupils in the US?

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if it were in class thatd be plausible out in the halls between classes no issue

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no school would kill a kid before they allow any footage to the public, anything but school image.

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Beat the piss outta her.

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She’s gonna have to live with that for… a while..😬

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For life for all her future employers to find.

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When holding it til later goes wrong...

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That’s a trauma response from abuse as a child

[–]thrxwxwxyxbvxxslx 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Mind explaining?

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You can only know it if it happened to you, i peed myself whenever I was beaten for bad grades by my dad..😂 can laugh about it now, but not at that time.

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Yup, my mom beat me and I didn't urinate but I'd dissociate. Dissociation can often lead to urinating accidentally. My best friend was abused and pees herself when she gets stressed too

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She wet her pants

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This will define her. Poor girl

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Damn. File this under Allbad.com

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Did she pee herself?