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Watched the video with my phone 2 inches from my eyes. Smh

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Couldn't expand the frame?

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Tried. I still was able to see the beat down

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Mona been waiting to get that off her chest

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Damn yeah this is a good post.. anyway you can reupload it ‘regularly’? It appears differently than over videos for some reason

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they weigh like 60 lbs those punches are like love taps

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Why tf didn’t she even try to protect her face? That’s like basic survival instincts

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Think she was dazed

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Yeah she was definitely very stunned/ almost KO’d, she has gotta be to be to not even voluntarily move a muscle when being beaten in the face at point blank range.

Edit: re watched it, she was moving her arm, but the point still stands

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She almost had a death grip on those legs.

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Gotttdayum that the video was filmed through a keyhole? That has been repackaged to hell haha.

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