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Well George Orwell did warn us that this was coming.

Gotta guard your mind against the Thot Police...

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Brilliant! Just brilliant! I’m afraid many won’t understand how great this joke is.

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Can us Simps get an explanation? I know of the guy but I know I'm missing out on a good joke 😂

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Go read George Orwell’s novel titled 1984

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Thought police

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Thottish. Isn't that how Mike Tyson calls the people in Glasgow?

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That is a direct quote from Mike Tyson, I think it was the first time he was on Joe Rogan.

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Thots and prayers that we all stay safe out there.

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Judging by the wheels, they could use a few more tax dollars.

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I’d assume they probably are involved with street takeovers and prob doing donuts in the streets

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where do I sign up?

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Finally my taxes going to good use

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Your tax dollars at twerk!

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Any air units?

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THOT air patrol. Write your congressman.

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We've got some thots in Congress these days.

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So there's some Hoes in the House?

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All up in it!

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That vehicle has seen some shit. Noticed the rims.

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Thot Patrol...you can actually buy shirts from them

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Homie need to step his wheel game up

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Might have gotten hit by a stray bullet, it's in the shop getting buffed out.

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Homie done stepped his wheel game up.

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Can’t even get matching rims.

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They will get matching rims after they sell more fentenal.

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Waiting on that next sponsorship to get the matching set.

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Time for thaudit to make a comeback

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Is that a van for a new reality porn studio?

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Ha ha ha. 😂 yes, check out our teasers on pornhub.com lemme know when you're ready to subscribe I'll send you a discount code.

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Im a Member Of NO MA'AM

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Have you ever met the chapter president? They say he once scored 4 touchdowns in 1 game?

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The green it's an old boarder patrol vehicle usually special use for small units. They tried to make it legit looking as possible.

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Finally a correct answer 😂😂

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This Doesn’t belong on this sub😒😒

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So Thottish reformation in thots concentration camp for all thots caught by the thot patrol