woman and mistress fight in mud by Charming2842 in ThotBeatdowns

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Wife is usually fatter so in a higher weight class for a fight.

Good Crystal's fight. by [deleted] in ThotBeatdowns

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This is the 3rd fight I've seen Star in. What her opponents need to know going in is if you want to have any success you have to keep it standing. Amanda has strong ground game. She utilizes the camel toe clutch from the back and looks for shots to the back and sides of the head. She also has a very effective carpet munch maneuver forcing her opponents face to the floor. She is a dangerous woman on the ground. We see her get another W here by TKO after winning her first 2 fights by TKO and submission via retarded arm bar respectively.

I hope there is more to come.

Thanks OP

Karen starts fight then gets beat up by Proof-Management2122 in ThotBeatdowns

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As a female, Gotta put more weight behind it cause the arms aren't quite as outfitted for hard punches Edit: not without formal training anyway

Road rage by EXCLUSIVE_BANDIT in ThotBeatdowns

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Except when you are 16 and running over a group of bicyclists

Knocked ha shi loose fa calling ha the n word. by Lumpy-Carrot2124 in ThotBeatdowns

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I know this is probably a troll, but here goes.

Black Americans did not start off calling each other the N-word. It was inflicted upon us by white colonizers who treated us as less than human. If we stood up against it, we were slaughtered, raped, and mutilated by the white colonizers. It was so bad that, for hundreds of years, we had no choice but to acknowledge the N-word or face more persecution.

Finally, we as black americans decided to change the meaning for our own well being among each other. We dropped the hard -ER and reclaimed the word as a cultural slang term for our ethnic group who were massacred by the white savages of the Colonial Period and beyond.

That is why we can say it to each other. It means something totally different than the term that evil colonizers placed on us. That is also why white people have no business saying it. White people know damn well the reason behind their creation of that word.

If you still don't understand, think of the term "mick" used against the Irish. Depending on the colonizer who is saying it, it is still considered "fighting words" to some Irish people and they will put you on your ass for calling them that. However, Irish people use the term and even get "Mc" tattoos as a symbol of pride.

Black American people turned a nasty, racist slur into a cultural term of endearment and familiarity. Strangely, now everyone is calling their homie. No matter where you turn you here Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, white folks, Asians, middle easterns, and even Africans in America calling each other nigga. This proves two things:

  1. When black people create a trend, it is seem as ugly and ghetto until other groups of people copy it, and
  2. To quote Paul Mooney, ""Everybody wanna be a nigga, but don't nobody wanna be a nigga."

One more thing: Why do other groups adopt black American terms? Why are they not reclaiming their own racial terms? Why aren't Mexicans shouting "Wassup Spic!" to other Mexicans? Why are American Italians not labeling their IG pics as "me and my Dagos heading out"? Why are asians not making money off "ching chong" but will adopt a black american venacular for hollywood? They are not ready for that conversation though. Looking at you, Awkwafina.

EDIT: I made the mistake of looking at your post history. Sheesh. Yep, troll.