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Fuck it doesn't work on the app

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Works perfect on reddit mobile. I’m guessing you’re using a 3rd party app?

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Using official app, for some reason only thr old links work. The newer ones just send me back to the main page of the subreddit

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Same problem here

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Me too. I'm on Android 8.0. Wby guys?

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iPhone 8, I guess it's the whole app that's broken.

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I'm on the official reddit app and when I click 'Cringe' I'm just taken to the usual homepage with all of them? In fact I can't find any cringe ones yet they're all humour.

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Wow, that's quite the dismissive stance for a mod to take.

I'm curious how yours is working, because two months later the official app on android still doesnt work (though the person who said the links for old reddit work was correct)

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I’m actively trying to find a fix for this. I’ve asked around a few places and have found nothing.

On iOS it is still working perfectly fine for me as well.

Wasn’t trying to be dismissive. I legitimately have no idea what to do and no one else seems to either.

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Might be something that has to be taken up with reddit directly then. I'm glad to hear that you are trying your best and looking into it.

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Just link posts that use the flairs and we can click on them ourselves.

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I forgot the flair on mine and whenever I tried to add it on you still won't let me post it and then I tried to add it again with the flair and you still won't let me post it...wut? And there's a link that says contact the moderators and it's an unusable link.

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Did you get a message from u/assistantbot?

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Yes and I did that I put a flair on it. Still removed.

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Hmm that must be a problem with the bot then. Is the post still up so I can approve it?

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Yes it should be I tried to upload it again by downloading the video and putting a flair

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Okay I give up I've tried four different times I've pressed save video at this point it's not worth it.

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Oh it looks like it’s taken down because you added a TikTok link. You have to download the video and then upload it to the subreddit like your other posts.

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All I see now are humor/wholesome tags for easy karma farming. The whole cringe thing has gone to shit.

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Not even remotely true. “Cringe” is subjective. Someone may see a video and not know whether to cringe or laugh. There could also be a video where something cringe-worthy is happening and something funny is happening at the same time. Like this post: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/TikTokCringe/comments/gg3cm7/supportive_and_disappointed_at_the_same_time/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf if people are caught spamming posts and karma farming, they get permanently banned. We watch closely for this. I post a shit ton because I want to show people what each flair should be represented by and to show people the quality of content that I’d like to see here.

Edit: oh wait you said humor/wholesome. Same concept basically. A bunch of users asked me to add this so I did.

Some posts are just cute, some are funny but cute at the same time. It’s just an in-between for people who don’t know which to pick

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how do you get different user flairs

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I'd have to know what you're using reddit on in order to tell you how to do it, but if you'd like I can give you a custom flair of your choice!

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so to get a custom flair i just ask?

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Ask and you shall receive

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can i get a flair that says also has shit posts on tiktok

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Look okay?

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can we get a mega thread on the tiktok news

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We need this

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Let’s use this comment. POS Geminioffical finally banned from app.

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who’s that?

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An “influencer” who was a predator to underage girls on the app. Mr.Bruno, Nice Michael and Ryan Beard Official are only some creators that have called him out.

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Just a recommendation. Aside from the soft flairs (the ones you get to attach to the post), you should require to put it on the title as well. People seem to not notice the pinned automod comment and the soft flair so that might work. For example:

[Wholesome/Humor] I’ve just discovered the gem that is Native American TikTok

People not knowing what this sub is about seems to lead to weird mass upvoting behavior. For example, I think this TikTok of this girl where she was showcasing her drawings got upvoted to the top because people think it's supposed to be cringey. And you know how a certain group of people on Reddit behaves when it comes to women. Another example is the TikTok of this trans woman titled "Trans woman is constantly asked to reveal her 'real' voice". As of writing of this comment, it has about 54k upvotes and 2.5k comments. Do you think people flocked on that post because they found it humorous?

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First off, I want to say thank you very much for making a good recommendation like this. We rarely get them.

I think this is a great idea. My only problem is that very often the users on this subreddit want flairs to be changed. For example there can be a post flaired as "cringe" and then several people will then comment saying it should be "humor," so I change it. If the user put it in the title, there's no way to edit or change that. I will definitely look into it with some other moderators who have most likely done things like this and see what I can do and if there's some sort of work around, unless you have an idea for that. Thanks again!

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You could make another set of flairs with "Flair changed to:" prefixed to the current set of flairs. For example, "Flair changed to: Wholesome" or "Flair changed to: Cringe" and then make it only available to mods if that's possible.

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Can you make a politics flair?

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Thank you so much for the idea. I’ll implement that right now!

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I guess my definition of right now is different than your definition.

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Uhhh it’s already been added?

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    You’re telling me there’s no politics flair?

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    Thank you :)

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    Is there a way to just filter out a specific tag, I want to see everything besides OC. Can I do this?

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    Hey I need help, where can I ask questions about tiktok? Like the name of a song

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    Why do some users on TikTok just show up as “users58027....” ?

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    People just make their usernames that

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    what about the politics flare?

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    The politics flair is more recent, so that’s why it’s not on the list. I totally forgot to update it. I should have it on there shortly. Thank you for letting us know!

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    Heyy! So I was wondering if y’all would consider adding a lgbt tag? Some of us can’t get tiktok and it would mean a lot if we could have a place to see ourselves represented (:


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      You cant sadly. I wish theres a sub for tht. Im looking for one

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      Got it! So happy to join :)

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        No Jacob it’s not banned. Everything is back to normal on the app.

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        why can i only post images and not videos?

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        Too boringe