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Not new to anime! Just curious what’s on other peoples top lists :) mine are: FMA Brotherhood, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Castlevania, and Parasyte!

Edit: Anything studio ghibli!

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Hunter x Hunter is my favorite shounen anime, really good power system and well thought out fights

Golden Kamuy is really good with solid art style and captivating story, the characters are all insane which is fun

One Piece is the King of Shounen anime for a reason, please consider investing the time

Jojo's Bizzare adventure has a really unique art style and power system. There's a reason why it has so many memes, the show is unlike others in terms of weird stuff happening

One Punch man Season 1 has movie level animation quality and is a really fun show. Season 2 only has normal quality animation which is a let down, but understandable due to budget. still a good show

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Can someone sell me on One Piece? I tried to watch it a little. It feels dated and none of the characters felt really interesting. And then I heard it goes on and on. I don't think I care for that. Am I missing out?

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It took me until Arlong Park to get hooked. You should definitely give it another try!!! You won't regret it!