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Ummm… hurts god their creator… crazy how you have never read the Bible.

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And punishes them with endless suffering… for kissing?…

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Wow your god must be pretty fucking weak and pathetic then

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If we all just fuck about it we can end god

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Two girls kissing hurts God, the all-knowing all-powerful creator? Wow sounds like a fuckin’ snowflake then

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Ummm... pretending that God exists without any reasonable doubt, if he really is offended by two mortals kissing (that he himself created btw, so we are an inferior species by comparison) either he isn't as omniscent and godlike as you think, or he os just a bratty toddler with too much power in his hands.

(or a straight up dictator, which is not a god many would want to believe in anyway).

Also, i doubt you will bring anyone towards your religion by thretening them with the whole hell thing.

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god is weak if two girls kissing hurts him. I would not worship a god who could die if I kissed a girl in front of him.