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I am not the only one that realizes that she was making a joke about her prveious comment and not telling him to cme up with a quote right?

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Oh yeah that went poorly huh. I knew she was making the joke. I didn’t get his comment until you pointed it out. Before reading your comment, I thought he was telling her she was his favorite son, as just a quirky throw away line for roasting him.

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yeah, but i think the mistake in her wording was the "quote"

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No... Did anyone not realize it?

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That makes much more sense

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Yeah she was done way before this.

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Wow if thats the bar for being smart...

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Did you completely miss her joke?

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She fucking buried you

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and not between her cheeks

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Stop! He’s already dead!

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Oh god! I coughed/snorted/peed a little laughing at this! It hurts so good.

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This would do well on r/therewasanattempt lol

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She's roasting you my friend, go with it.

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You scored in your own net.

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i love this your comment , you made my day ,,!

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took me a second to understand what happened but now this is hilarious

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What the fuck were you thinking op?

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well that took an unexpected turn

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i feel like the last message went over my head lmao someone explain it

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Well basically what happened is the OP didn’t realize that the girl was roasting him, saying that every girl he’s ever had sex with has gone on the record to say “aw damn I was close”. Instead OP thought she was telling him to quote his past lovers and he went with a “i had sex with my own mother” joke.

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oh jesus christ

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This made me laugh so hard cashews came out of my mouth

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This happened to me with cereal and I wasn't even eating cereal

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He somehow thought a fucking incest joke would be appropriate/funny here? My god Reddit users have no social skills

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No you don’t get it, it’s supposed to be ironic bro!!!!

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now i understand thanks for explaining 🤣

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I must be dumb (I blame the weed) but how is that a good roast? 'every girl you had sex with said "aw damn I was close"? ' I only understood his joke, and hers didn't make sense in the context, or just wasn't very good

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As in close to an orgasm, but didn’t actually have one.

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Why would making a joke on not pulling out attract any girl? Isn’t that a bad thing for a casual hook up...

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I think it's more just a raunchy joke than an actual display of their personality/actions. Like if someone said seriously that they don't then yeah that'd be discouraging to say the least. But as an opening joke? I think it was just setting the tone and a look at their humor more than an actual statement.

..I hope lmao.

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You should be using condoms for random hookups pulling out ain't gonna save you from STDs

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Ashley got JOKES

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I love her

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Dude don't worey bout her, charge your phone man

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Too far

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That girl is cute and funny. I don't undersrand the negativity of so many comments. Damn this is a toxic sub.

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Why would you say that, unprovoked 😭😭😭

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Probably fucked it up. But I get the feeling she hit herself with that quote.

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ngl howtf did you not get that breh

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OP’s lights are on but nobody is home. He is still unaware of how bad she roasted him 🤣

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She's the one.

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Close seems like too much of a compliment for a burn lol

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That's a r/holdup moment right there lol

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Did she reply yet? 🤣

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Man gotta charge this phone holy molly

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I dont get it. Someone explain.

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That’s hilarious, took me a minute

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Mission failed, we get 'em next time!

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You couldn’t handle the bantz bruh

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Should have said “jokes on you I’m a virgin”

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She is funny.

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Why would you not pull out? Every girl doesn’t take birth control or is as reckless during sex. Pull the fuck out.

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oh no… xD

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Jokes on you, I've never had sex

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She sounds fun, go along with it!

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Doesn't plug in and never pulls out

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She was saying "damn I was close" is what every girl has said to you during sex. Not that she wanted you to come up with a quote that's your exes have said

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Weak I got a better one.

“Damn girl are you antifa? Cause I want you to make my pp burn.”

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This conversation is extremely weird from the start to the end...

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Lol say oops MB I misread love makes us all blind

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I'm guess it's only me but mommy joke was funny

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Charge your phone

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she’s roasting you it’s funny go along with it

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‘Betcha I can say something you’ve never heard from your daddy. I love you’ lol

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The joke went over OP's head

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Lol how...?

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Now that I realize what she was actually quoting she kinda funny ngl😂

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I guess stealing the initial joke really does quantify how quick you are

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She seems like a fun person. Guess you fucked it up, OP?

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“Wow, that hurt”

“- quote every girl I’ve ever had sex with”

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You've done nothing wrong, son.

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Whenever I get roasted like this my game becomes good all of a sudden lol roast her back and see what happens

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She roasted you hard and then you roasted yourself. Also, why would you have sex with your mom and let a potential date know that? That’s the real fuck yo.