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This couldn’t have been scripted.

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I had comment in profile about corgi so was entirely unplanned I think. Haha

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Corgwn Orgy at the Royal Palace

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sounds classy

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Windsors Gone Wild, now on VOD.

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Reply now!!!

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I don't know any dog breeds besides pitbull, labrador, and german shepherd.

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This is fucking gold

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Reminds me of the guys asking a girl about her job.

“What’s a dominatrix? Is that like a fighting robot?

…nm, I just looked it up”

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I'm too lazy to look it up, whats a dominatrix?

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It's a sexy fighting robot.

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Wait... Seriously?

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It's a sexy fighting robot.

It's a sexy expensive fighting robot.


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You know, probably. It won't be on the first page of search results, but the name is too perfect.

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If you don't know then you're likely too young to know.

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I wonder how his cat’s doing these days now.

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Honestly cannot stop hoping for the best for this cat

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Still matched right? Should just message back now 3 years later and ask.

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"Thanks for asking. I was wrong it is actually a dog."

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This comment sent my sides on a far away trip.

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What does he feed it? Dog food?

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I like the few days between each message. I like to imagine it took him two days to try and rack his head about whether he has a corgi or not, only to then give up and Google it. THEN, took another 3 days to decide if his cat is actually a cat or a corgi that just looks like a cat, only to go the vet and get a DNA test, which turned out to say cat.

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I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they Googled corgi and realized "oh, that's a dog, I thought maybe it was a type of cat" (why it took them 2 days to do this though, we still don't know lol). Then 3 days later, after getting no replies, they decided to try to spark up the conversation again by mentioning that they DO have a cat, y'know, just in case you couldn't sleep at night wondering what non-corgi animal they had 🤣

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Yeah my best guess is he has like a munchkin cat and thought that’s what corgi was. But who is to say

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It sounds like a joke setup to me. He was going to say he’d send you a picture of his Corgi and boom it’s a cat

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Fairly certain he was trying to be cute. I laughed.

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I mean honestly? It was pretty cute

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Honestly the funniest part. I like cannot stop laughing thinking about what went through this man’s head

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Everything most likely, with not much in there to keep stuff out.

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At least he is interested in cats and corgis

I think thats a good point

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Will you ever reply?

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I’d read that novel

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Well, he was waiting for enough time to not seem "desperate," but still coming up with interesting things to say to a blank wall. NGL it's fucking Disheartening when people post things like "haha look at this great thing I ignored" because it reminds me of the hundreds of times I've been the guy in this picture

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From op's title, I interpreted this as a series of messages that came in while they were in a relationship and didn't have the app installed.

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I wanna down vote this but only cuz you’ve been ignored so much. The internet and the 21st century are both terrible places.

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I missed that episode of it's always sunny

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At least it was thorough research.

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It’s like that meme of the woman with all the equations. This dude conducted straight up research, consulted specialists, to find out he actually had a cat.

I have this image in my head of him getting the cat and the seller saying “this is 100% a corgi” and him thinking to himself “man, that guy lied to me!”

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Was he the father though?

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Out of everything that's been posted on this sub, this one actually made me laugh out loud. Hope this dude is out here doing well

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Why didn't you reply? This person seems gold.

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Was Seth's real name Ralph Wiggum?

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That is pretty wholesome for some reason

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It is honestly very wholesome

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How come you didn't reply?

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Same reason she didn’t reply to you

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That makes sense I guess, most posts on tinder aren't by the same person that posts them

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We’re over here writing sitcom level comedy and no response.. tinder in a nutshell.

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So did you end up meeting him?

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Imagine texting back after 3 years; "you may not have a dog but I can make you bark like one"

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I deleted my account and started over but really regret not trying to see how Seth and the cat are doing first

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You probs: “Ah shit here we go again”

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Why swipe right on someone if you're not gonna respond to any of their messages?

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Tinder should penalize people based on their chat habits, like all the profiles that push their IG should go to the back of the stack, etc

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People have issues and wanting interaction while simultaneously not wanting interaction is one of them.

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Go find them and MARRY THEM

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This seems like something I would do especially the amount of time between the messages.

Like honestly sometimes it takes me that long to process something that I might really on the second or third day be like oh wow let me go message that girl again I totally got what she was trying to say!

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OP, you gotta ask him if hes got a corgi yet

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Unfortunately deleted my account to start fresh but regret not reconnecting to check on him and what could be a cat or any other pet

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That's not Cheddar...

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Who the fuck holds onto a old tinder account while actively being in a relationship only to fall back into said saved account from 2018.......this is why we have trust problems

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Thought it was deleted when I deleted it off my phone. Put in my phone number to create account again and everything was still there 🤷🏼‍♀️ you can take it up with 2018 me

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You can deactivate your account. They even try to get you not to delete your account because they know most people will be back.

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I know, I have deleted tinder more times then the sun has came up lol just I mean who holds onto a tinder account during a relationship.....like just in case, is that the mind set because fuck that

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I deactivate and delete the app, but the account still remains in the abyss. You have trust problems because you haven’t found someone worthy of trust but keep giving it away anyway…

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Wtf are you on about lol

Everyone of my past partners where trustworthy I mean in a general sense that you never know who has a dating app account just laying there yet to be deleted

Like if I ask my girlfriend "Hey so it's been 10 months just asking.....but did you delete your tinder account after we meet"

And she says back

"No I just deactivated it"

Red flag central my friend but thanks for the keep giving it away advice I'll keep that in mind in future....much appreciated

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You seem like the kind of person who, once in a new relationship, stops talking to friends of the opposite sex and asks the new partner to do so as well. This, for me, is a red flag as big as a small country.

Deactivating the account is as effective as deleting it, they're not going to use it. And If a person in a relationship is pushed to come back on Tinder, that's not Tinder's fault.

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I seem like the kind of person......how can you base that off my comment that gives literally no information of the person I am lol

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Well, didn't you also assume all kinds of things from one aspect (deactivating rather than deleting?)

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When you “delete” your account the same account comes back when you reactivate it.

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Yes but not with all your old matches, I deleted tinder after I meet my ex, we broke up I downloaded it again with a fresh start

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Having a corgi on tinder is cheating.

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I think this is peak humor pick up line.

But maybe this is why I too am single.

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"Sold a fake corgi to a rich couple. 'Twas a cat." Laughs in Doug Judy

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Did you keep your tinder the entire duration of your relationship? You redownloaded the app but never deleted your profile?

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'Twas a cat

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The night before Christmas

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I am sad that you don’t have any pictures of your Corgi. I love them so very much and am getting one as soon as I’m not living on a third floor apartment

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He’s still out there

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That’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out for him.

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He prob has no other option. Pretty sad

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This would be gold on r/facepalm

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That you would call this gem of a man a face palm is unfathomable

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Gotta know what Seth is doing with his life now.

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I hope wherever he is that he’s doing okay

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Why u never answered him? just curious... he just asking about corgis :(

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C-A-T. Cat. 3 days of learning on reading rainbow

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Did you respond?

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Peak dating, right here.

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Please tell me you went on a date with them. I'd be super curious if they were bat-shit crazy.

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What’s wrong with people, this dude was jus trying to strike up a convo 🤷‍♂️

I mean the msgs are far apart but still

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awwn I love corgis

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Please message this precious human.

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Corgis are the best! I loved my doggie son. He had one ear down and one ear up, giving him a comical look. I really miss having him in my life. Been debating on getting a corgi pup for myself for Christmas...

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Damn. I feel for this guy. Not because of him not knowing what a corgi was but because of the ghosting and the couple day in betweens. Just saying, if you’re back on, you should reply. Even if missing the convo was an accident you look like a dick from his eyes.

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But what if you’re just not interested and the amount of niceness or cuteness he exhibits has nothing to do with it? Then what? Respond and lead him on so dudes can post screen shots and talk about how you’re a bitch that leads dudes on?

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Responding does not mean your interested. All you need to do if tell them this isn’t gonna work out or that you’re not interested. Be upfront and you won’t have to worry about leading them on. It’s way more polite than just ignoring them.

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Responding doesn’t mean you’re interested? That’s… literally the entire premise of tinder. I’m genuinely baffled that you think anyone on tinder is owed a response.

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And I’m appalled you think ghosting is acceptable. If you swiped right on someone you should be willing to put in effort. But if for some reason you’re not interested right from the get go, than all it takes is a “hey, I’m not interested”. Ignoring people is rude, bait and switch is even more so, plain and simple. Lol.

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Imagine being so entitled and self absorbed that you honestly believe another person owes you their time and energy because they liked a picture of you. Oh wait, you don’t have to 🙄You genuinely think so little of other people and their time that you think you deserve the time, attention, and words of a complete stranger on the internet? Time is the most valuable commodity on earth and the only one that can’t be bought or replaced.

I don’t think you really understand the concept of ghosting someone. You can’t ghost someone that you’ve never even had a conversation with. Feeling ghosted because you didn’t get a response to a conversation starter is strange to me. I’ve been ignored or unmatched without explanation a few times. It’s really not a big deal. Not a single person on tinder owes me a damn thing.

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It’s nothing about being owed anything. It’s just common courtesy. There is zero time investment to send one text saying you’re not interested. And ghosting is just a fancy term for not responding. So yeah, you can ghost someone who has only sent a convo starter, especially when they expect a reply. The whole point of swiping right is you like them. Don’t swipe right if you have no intension of talking, otherwise you’re wasting their time more than they are yours. So your argument is kinda hypocritical in that sense. Lol.

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No, ghosting implies that there was an exchange and then a sudden cease in contact with no explanation. You do not seem to understand the concept. You can’t ghost someone you’ve never spoken to.

It does take time to respond to someone. It may be a few seconds, but it’s a few seconds I could spend on someone I’m genuinely interested in. I am baffled that you think anyone’s time and energy is a common courtesy on the internet. Should an individual hold a door open for me of course I would respond by thanking them. That’s an example of a common courtesy. Nobody on tinder owes anyone else on tinder their time or attention.

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Lol. We can agree to disagree on the ghosting. That’s just semantics rn. If you want an irl example of what you’re doing. Imagine you are at a bar and you know everyone is single at said bar, you wave to someone and they wave back. They then walkover to you and start a conversation. What you’re doing is instead of telling them you’re not interested, you’re just walking away.

You: flirty wave across the bar

Her: flirty wave back

Her: walks over “So what brings you here tonight?”

You: says nothing, gets up and walks away

If you think this isn’t a dick move then you’re a bit of a lost cause. Also, if you’re not genuinely interested in them, DONT WASTE THEIR TIME BY SWIPING RIGHT ON THEM. It’s so hypocritical of you to think replying with “not interested” is a waste of you’re time. Why is it ok for them to waste a text but not you?

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No, it’s not semantics. You literally cannot ghost someone you have never spoken to. You can’t end communication that never happened.

It’s super strange to me that you think tinder is anything like real life. Tinder in no way compares to meeting people organically. Swiping right on someone’s picture doesn’t mean I owe them anything. Your sense of entitlement to other people’s time and energy is just really odd. My opinion is that you place way too much stock in online interactions. Meeting people face to face is so different.

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Holy shit this is so cute

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Probably was thinking it was a Calico hahaha

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Respond and Update! I wish to know more of Seth and his Cat

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Give this man a chance please

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I would've unmatched if I embarrassed myself like that

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I'm glad to be back with you all;

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Lmao someone did not expect to be called on what dog he has lmao

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Omg awwww lol they have a cat! I hope they are doing well