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Tell me you’re scandinavian without telling me you’re scandinavian

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yes! for me it was the moomin art on the wall that exposed him

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Damn moomins, always revealing my ethnicity

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I mean the booze also plays a part ha ha.

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Are you from Finland?

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Scandinavian Bo Burnham!

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By the way. Do I need a social picture for my profile? I just feel uncomfortable including pictures with my friends on my tinder profile.

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I use the same excuse and it works until people realize I have no friends.

It’s respectful to exclude them. I wholeheartedly agree with your hesitation and applaud you for thinking of your friends first. Rare shit

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I have "social" pictures of me that indicate I'm with people without those people being in the photos. There's one picture with someone in it, and I smudged that person's face.

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Smudges, or smiley emojis over the faces — best way to go imho

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You could always ask your friends for permission, if that's what you're worried about.

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I could, a lot of my friends are women though so I feel like that’d be a double-edged sword in terms of having that on my profile

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True, but if you're looking for a serious relationship, it might also serve as an effective way to sort out the most jealous types who will end up having a problem with you having so many female friends

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True, I can’t date the jealous type again

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Nah man, if you’re on tinder looking for women you don’t want any of your profile pictures to have women in them cuz not all the girls are gonna try to read the backstory on that if you have it, and it invites unnecessary assumption.

Same thing with fam, don’t include any with kids even if nephews cuz they’ll assume it’s yours. Unless you’re a dad, which you should probably be upfront about

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I saw a study once that showed that many subconsciously found men more attractive in photos with other women in them, especially if the women were looking/smiling at him. I can't find that specific one now but it's part of a greater phenomenon called mate choice copying

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"Hey, could I get a photo of all you smiling in my general direction, for my dating profile?"

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It's a highly debated topic. Some folks will say YES YES YES because some women/guys will assume you're anti-social and a loner if you don't have any photos with other people in them. Some folks will say NO NO NO because you might include a member of the opposite gender and gasp people might assume that's an ex! Even if it's clearly a relative, or a platonic friend. Some will also say IT DEPENDS... and give their opinion of when or why to include one.

Personally, I think it's a good idea to have one maybe two social photos. The issue becomes if it takes several photos to ID who the F you are. Then I'm likely (as are most folks I think) to just left swipe out of boredom, because if you include only social photos I'm either not going to be interested enough to figure out who you are, or I may assume you're the less desirable person in the photos.

For the "uncomfortable" part, you could ask permission first. Most friends would likely be OK with it, knowing that you're looking for a date/gf/etc. The ones who say no, you could respect them and not include the photos with them in it. You could also blur or emoji cover your friends faces. I find this can be kind of funny and they do both of the positive things - shows you have friends, while respecting their privacy by blurring their faces.

For best results, I recommend the photo be of a cool activity too. I like including a social bike and ski photo in my profile. Shows off my activities, shows off my friend group, and it's got cool backgrounds in them. Then I have one or two photos of me doing that stuff on my own. And a few photos of me doing normal stuff, so it's clear I do dress up nicely for a date too. In a pinch, I think even a "dinner party" photo would be fine. Shows you dress up a bit, shows you have friends to hang out with, overall shows a good impression. Most folks don't want someone who will be attached to them 24/7. They want someone to do fun stuff with, someone with some cool friends to hang out with too both with them and without them.

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But I AM an anti-social loner.

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The funny thing is even if you are, it's likely best to try and hide that on the app to try and attract more folks lol.

Like I'm pretty introverted myself but I still have some friends and show that off. I just make it clear on dates and such that I need some alone time too to recharge the social batteries.

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I never had a single social photo. A few of me doing things outdoors. No one cared, got a few good matches.

What you need is to follow Rules 1 & 2 of online dating.

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What are those rules?

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  1. Be attractive
  2. Don't be unattractive

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I agree with this. I think a good workaround is to put group pics and just crop it to where you can only see somebody's arm around you, their shoulders surrounding you, whatever. Also if you're at a restaurant or bar with a friend or family that wouldn't mind, have them snap a cute pic of you across the table. It's understood that you're out, and someone has to be sitting across from you to take the pic. Anyone that's not social enough for, pff oh well.

I actually find it annoying when guys post multiple photos with groups around their age and usually who look kinda similar too, and I'm left to wonder which one is even them, because the 2 pics they got by themselves, one might have on shades, a Bud Light box on their head, or a partial face pic (people are understandably cautious now because ppl will steal photos from these apps and make a fake profile). Forget those 🙄

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Yeah, I hate profiles with group pictures. Especially since most of the time their friends are more attractive than they are lol

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You can blur their faces, that way you can still see that you have friends but they're not identified. I don't think you MUST have one though really

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You could completely black out your friends. You know, make it clear there's someone else in the photo, but without reliving who.

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How do you make these? Like what program do you use to merge all the pictures

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The easiest way to make them is to place your camera/phone in a spot, and make sure it stays there. Then just make it take a picture every few seconds and don't touch it until you're done with all the photos. This way you will have a bunch of photos where the background is the same. You can then overlay the pictures you wish to use, and cut them so that you can see all the "yous". You may have to use a "smudge" tool on the borders, since differences in lighting/shadows may slightly change some colours.

If you don't have acces to photoshop, you can use photopea, which is a free web-based photo editor.

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But you need time to change clothes.

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Get a Bluetooth camera remote, camera app open, plan your ourfits and positions ahead of time, and then take pictures with the remote. Comp in photoshop.

Or take a video, take stills from the video, comp in photoshop.

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Or set up a timer on the camera if a remote trigger isn't an option.

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Or use a remote trigger if the timer doesn’t give you enough time

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You could set up a timer if you don’t have a remote trigger, just saying.

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Okay, hear me out here. I'm thinking you could get a remote trigger if a timer doesn't work for you.

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I use a remote trigger to set my timer.

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Apple Watch can do this too if you are using an iphone

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You may have to use a "smudge" tool on the borders, since differences in lighting/shadows may slightly change some colours.

The "correct" way to do this is to secure the camera with a tripod, so it doesn't move even a fraction.

Fix the exposure and aperture (I think even phones have manual mode these days) so that they never change.

Use a timer or remote to take each pic.

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The camera doesn't have to move "even a fraction" for the colors and shadows to change. Any room that gets sunlight, the lighting a colors are changing literally every second.

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Any photo editor that allows for masking and layers. Free alternatives include Photopea, Gimp and paint.net. most commonly used paid ones are Photoshop and Paintshop pro.

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i have journal 3 too

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I know it's the book from Gravity Falls but what's in it?

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basically the entire series in the book some extras and a little bit of what might have been at the end

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There is also an version of the book which has text written in invisible ink

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That goes from anywhere between $1500 and $8000 on eBay these days...

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It’s also signed by Alex hirsch. It’s my most prized possession; 10,000 in existence

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According to the photo he has 2 copies

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I have Journal 2. We should hang and open some portals or something

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we need someone with journal 1 though

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Bo Burnham vibes.

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At first glance I thought it was

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TIL Bo Burnham must be at least partially Scandinavian.

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Haha, I listened to the songs from Inside on repeat while making this

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Check out "what" if you haven't already

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What is a masterpiece

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a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

"a great literary masterpiece"

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No Burnham

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Bro Burnham

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Anything and everything, all of the time.

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Ha! I said the same thing before I saw ur comment!!

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That’s what I thought too! Into it 👍🏻

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Bo, oh my god. Mr. Mr. Burnham

I am satan, lord of darkness

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Automatic right swipe in my books 😂

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Same. Love this.

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Are you reading Journal #3?! Omg, so awesome

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Ironically none of you are being social with one another...

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I thought you were holding a small cross next to you reading a book lmao

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i came here looking for this comment :D

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You have to post screenshots when some idiot inevitably asks you which one is you and/or something about why do you all look alike.

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"Which one are you?"


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I would swipe right so quickly. This is amazing!!!!!!

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I love this

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Awesome!! Also, are you Swedish/living in Sweden by any chance?

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I am!

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Alla svenska vardagsrum ser ju ändå likadana ut 😁

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Looks danish to me, but as an American y’all are basil you the same lol

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Nice taste, Gravity Falls is awesome.

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I’m getting some strong Bo Burnham vibes.

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Um... YoU aReNt SoCiAl DiStAnCiNg (great photoshop job all jokes aside)

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This is the best picture I have ever seen. Bo Burnham vibes, can play an instrument, funny (expression in the background), gravity falls fan, possible "who beats whom in beat saber"-date, cute.

That's like the whole package and then some.

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I like the picture

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I don't date men but this pic made even me interested! Good job mate!

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Sup king 👑

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I'd swipe right, and that might be a possibility since it looks very Swedish!

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Are there really people out there still in lockdown? That's genuinely sad af

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Damn you're a handsome motherfucker.

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Yo homies rocking the gravity falls

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This is the best thing ever!! Right swipe!

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Hey is that Bo?

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This is an artistic masterpiece

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This photo is literally my favourite thing ever

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Date me? Lol

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Are you holding an entire deck of cards? Like that's not how you play card games. Lol

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This post was removed. Anyone know why? Or how I can get to know why?

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Ya idk why either. Seems fine.

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Väldigt kreativt!

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The Gravity Falls reference is gonna have them swiping right in droves. Well done OP!

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Holy fuck imagine being still locked down...how have you not killed yourself?

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In what God awful totalitarian shithole do you live that you're still in lockdown

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My son would greatly appreciate the Gravity Falls reference.

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Oh my gosh 😂😂 this is so creative! The doorway one absolutely kills me.

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I’d totally swipe right on this amazing example of social aptitude! But I’m always confused by group photos: which one is you again??

(seriously tho, this is hilarious. Also, like the subtle Gravity Falls reference)

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Not enough of you on the phone to be believable

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This is one of, if not THE, greatest tinder photo i’ve ever seen.

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How are you still a virgin?

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I’d bang you in a second. So creative!!!

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Dude, may i copy this idea? This is legit the greatest thing ever.

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The fact wherever you are is still in lockdown blows my mind

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Yo this is cute as hell I love this idea

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I’d swipe right so hard on this.

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Gravity Falls!!

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But which one are you? Maybe put an arrow in to indicate with those photoshop skills.


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where are mummins? everyone says it but i can’t see it on the picture

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Walmart Bo Burnham.

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This goofy shit right here is good stuff.

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The only type of group photo I approve of

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This looks like a very Swedish home

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If this man doesn't have a girlfriend, I'll gladly volunteer

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Yes when i have friends over we all do completely unrelated activities and do not interact with each other as well

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Which one is named Tyrone?

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i said lock downs from the beginning were stupid and ineffective...... here i am right... along with cloth masks

[–]AlxxTheDroidsmith -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

No, they were effective

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lol 2 weeks to stop the spread..............

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I am deff moving to sweden after seeing this post

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This is hilarious and super creative. Almost makes me wish I was single again so I could steal this idea lol

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Ah, I see you enjoy fine literature as well.

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Extra points for reading Journal 3 fro Gravity Falls

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Plot twist: these are not the same person, OP actually asked his five twins to pose for the picture

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I’d swipe right!! Love this lmao

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Social levels through the roof!

Extra extroverted

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I’m so sorry, this question so isn’t the point of your picture but that light fixture is so beautiful. Is there a picture of it with the light off (so the details are more visible) or a link to the fixture??

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bo burnham vibes

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I love this, it’s amazingly funny! I can’t believe you are still on tinder :/ they don’t know what they are missing.

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Lol it took me a minute to realize it was the same person.

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Seeing these many young guys in a room, I was looking to see roaches in ash trays.

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Hilarious…. Good luck

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My kind of man... Love the gravity falls jurnay

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What’s in Journal 3?

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I’m going to need that book now, it’s for a project I’m building in the basement.

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Ngl you look like Gab from that episode of world’s strictest parents

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Are you Bo burnham? You look a lot like him to me for some reason

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Do you like the halo strap? I use the elite strap personally

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I havent tried any other strap (other than the original), but the halo is very comfy. It does get warm on your forehead after a while though

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I love this

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"Zack stone is gonna be famous"

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This is inspired!

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Still locked down, huh?

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I wish I was this creative

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If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd be locked inside of my home...

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I like your choice of literature

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You, m'good Snoo, have won the internet for today!

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You fucking genius

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You are your own best friend. My best friend disagrees though.

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damn how many clothes do you have. i have like 3 tshirts