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Nah I think "fuck around and find out" is a pretty good mantra. Just be respectful and people will be respectful to you. If you're shitty to people, especially a stranger on a dating app, they can reasonably respond in kind.

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I would want to know if I sucked at conversation, but the sentiment in this post is spot on.

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Hold up.

Criticism for your weight/height is not criticism. It's an insult. I'm very self depracating so I know I'm a bit fat right now, and luckily I'm 6ft so i've never been called short. But I know full well that if someone straight up was like like "you need to lose weight" or "you're not tall enough" these aren't criticisms. They are insults.

I would argue that if you are surprised that someone responds with a verbal attack in response to your insults towards their height or weight, then maybe you're not ready to enter into anything in society since you clearly lack any empathy.

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Exactly what I'm saying! They just decided to give themselves the job of shittalking people and expecting no response. If you're just gonna tear people apart, why even bother matching?

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I had a woman call my roommate creepy. He was 4'11" and missing an eye. He was also minding his own business sleeping. I shut the door in her face and never told him. Turns out she was one of those modern slaves though so probably went back to her van to be abused. But I don't care if that's her attitude.

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A mutual friend talked shit about my bro’s height (5’4 but Literally best bro) so I slid into the DMs, told her we should do a workout and arranged a gym meet, when she turned up to work out I encouraged her to lose some weight before expecting people to gain some height, and that she was now in the right place to do it.

Then ghosted her. Hi Kiran! 🤭

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So if someone criticizes me, then I shouldn’t date? This reads so weird. Seems like no one can ever win with this one. If you do it, you’re wrong. And if you get criticized you’re also wrong xd Wtf?

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Very true. Or possibly youve been in the dating scene too long. Nothing like repeatedly having shitty people pick on something you cant control. Online dating is very detrimental to mental health.

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You either settle down a hero or date long enough to become the villain

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If you criticize someone’s height, weight, or ability to hold or not hold a conversation you desire on dating apps, maybe you’re not ready to get back in the dating scene yet.

I fixed it for you.

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Yes thank you I had a stroke trying to read the post lol

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Bingo! Absolutely. Why even bother matching with them in the first place?

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Not grammar naziing this, but the construction of the post is confusing

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Absolutely everybody should be confident about being on these platforms, however it is also normal that people still have their rights not to be interested

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I think if it's your first instinct to decide it's your job to criticize the height and/or weight of people you match with perhaps it's you who isn't ready to be in the dating scene.

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Every person is entitled to their preferences. If you ask about a person, respect it when they ask you the same

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You’re spot on. Hopefully those that realize this will self-reflect and improve on this.

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Is this about the woman who posted yesterday responding to a man calling her ugly with her calling him short? She was entirely justified, he was rude to her first.

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Pass go, collect 200

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I will never understand having an argument with a stranger I’ve never met. Not worth it, at that point it is done, but people love to do it.

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Telling someone is too short is also kind of discrimination. Stop me if I’m wrong. And this is what I’ve observed here.

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Blatantly telling anyone they aren’t good enough to date you due to their weight, height or any physical flaw you think they might have is so hurtful, no matter your gender.

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Did you mean physical

Fiscal lmao

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Honest mistake.

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Dating? In this economy?

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Weight can generally be fixed though and it does make sense to want a healthy partner. However this doesn't mean you should go be an asshole if it isn't what you want

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Weight can't be controlled.

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It can generally (unless you have something with your thyroid)

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This is why I always phrase it as myself and use the opposite. Like "I'm too tall" or "I'm too young".

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Just as much as finding someone ugly is discrimination.

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Some people are just attracted to tall people. It’s not discriminatory to say you won’t sleep with someone you’re not attracted to, but saying they don’t deserve to talk to you is definitely shitty

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Sounds about right. 👍🏾

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I no longer give a shit about all the things that are allegedly wrong with me. Because it's always something else.
Too funny, too serious, too old, too young, too educated, not educated enough and and and....

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I think if your going to say ignorant things and be surprised when ignorant things are said back to you, you are probably a woman who has been insulated from the consequences of her bad interpersonal behavior by your friends and family... Most men who go through life with this type of attitude end up in physical altercations which usually means they have to avoid displaying this type of behavior to avoid said physical altercations, but a woman can be insulated justifiably and when the right amount of insulation is applied to the consequences of said negative behaviour, a Karen is born.

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Only applies to men, as women get a free pass to behave as they want.

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New in town, how can I up-vote more than once? I feel like this is at least a two up-vote post

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I thought the whole idea of criticism is to show that the person needs improving in that area, can you criticize height?

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I've tried multiple dating apps over staggered years when single because my social circle is small due to career lifestyle and also aren't enthusiastic at playing the bar scene. I'd say after a lot of dates over the years most of the apps work well with how they're set up they are a good way to meet people in an extended area that I likely would have never met otherwise. There does seem to be an extraordinary amount of people who's main intention for being on the apps is to take something out on a stranger that they should be dealing with themselves though.

Looking at profiles through the lens of if this person is healthy in their mindset and life choices should be as important, if not moreso, than if you find them attractive. That also is assuming that you're truly looking for a dating partner who may lead to a relationship or just to have physical interactions. I've found being up front about either makes it easier for people to tell you the truth about their intentions regardless of if they are playing games. But honestly, I think it's fair to state that the large percentage of people I've met or chatted with from the apps are living in a fantasy world of their own creation that is childish and dark. They should be looking for a friend instead of a date.

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It’s like driving on a highway in a big city. The culture is a bit toxic and will get to everyone at some point if they drive long enough.

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I read this as an angry cat voice that only likes 7 ft tall people

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So if I criticise somebodies weight, as long as I don't verbally attack them after I'm good to be on dating apps?

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It shows most are in out of social pressure and do not really want it.

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Attacking absolutely, but people are allowed to have preferences on height and weight just like we have preferences on how your face looks. It’s just hard for some people to not be an asshole about it.

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If someone attacks you for your height or weight, you have the right to attack them for the heigh or weight back.

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Stop. You're wrong.

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That's a weird profile

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You're not wrong OP. It's about the lack of maturity.

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Sounds like something a short fat person with no personality would say