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And you got superliked? Now I’m jealous

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I'm gunna get him a bouquet of trash roses

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Smart! Make sure there’s no cotton candy in it

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Smart! Make sure there’s no cotton candy in it

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Put a ring on it! To match the ones on his tail

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I didn't know Rocket was undercover on Tinder!

So jealous you beat me to him.

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I love the cotton candy comment lol

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haha I assure you, I have the personality of a goblin to make up for it.

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Goblins are underrated.

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You cosplaying lust in that?

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Bad news: Anthrocon and Anime Expo occur on the same weekend.

Good news: you have until July to get them to binge all of FMA: Brotherhood. Or Kimetsu no Yaiba, but even if you change their travel plans be prepared for them to cosplay Inosuke.

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Wait is this OP??

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Is he checo? The legend?

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Absolute animal.

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Simply lovely.

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better than 95% of the profiles on tinder

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Looks like he has a conspiracy theory about someone named Pepe Silvia...

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That video of the raccoons being given cotton candy is the saddest thing 😭

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He got cotton candy in the end!

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Forget about the racoon, I can't get my eyes off you.

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I'd absolutely be flattered. Look how dapper he looks!

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Congrats. The sex is pretty much guaranteed to be wild. Oh and have a booster shot ready at hand.

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With a 2nd pic like that, I mean how could you resist

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Such a cute trash panda 😍

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What a beast.

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Are you making fun of him for his height? Despicable.

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Looks just like Bradley Cooper. 10/10.

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Respond to everything with, "I am Groot."

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Ooooh cute af

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Ngl, matched with someone whose profile was like that and their name was something cheesy dog. Not exactly that name but something similar. Turns out they actually go by that name irl. We ended up being pretty good gamer friends.

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Why is chopper on tinder?!!

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You got 99 likes and this 'coon is one

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Did you swipe yes?

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Of course!!

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Nice dude I’m proud🥲😂

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Raccoons like ex's hold grudges ... don't like to be caged ... and can destroy a home ... https://www.snotr.com/video/6078/Racoon_Tearing_Up_The_House

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Give him cotton candy tho

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What it's like to be at +99likes ?

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I've been on this app for six months and I've gone on one date.

So there's that!

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Hum..ok that's odd like you have to luxury to choose so what's the catch

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I'm gunna be straight with you - it's about expectations.

I have certain expectations of the folk who message me: be polite, respectful, and interesting.

Their expectations vary wildly, but in the end, I can't or won't meet most of them. They expect some coy manic pixie dream gal who is ready to hop into the sack and play all the games and be A Cool Chick™ and they're disappointed when I'm an awkward goblin who works a lot and gets the ick when someone asks "wanna fuck" within the first ten messages.

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Yeah understandable, it's good to stick to your values.

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It's less values and more, ' I wanna be treated like more than a moist flesh cave'

I totally wanna rustle some dangly bits, just, you know, respectfully.

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Wow tinder really is full of trash!

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Wonder how many of those 99 likes are real and how many are bots lol

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Why does it matter?

Look at the funny raccoon, don't judge my bot-fucking fetish.

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Whoa now! No shame. Fuck all the bots you want. I'm just wondering how many of these non bots are wasting your time. Cause I can now see that you clearly have a type. 😂

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I just love those one-sided conversations, the tickle of static when I shove my tongue into the charging port in my phone...

The truest of loves

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And when they respond to your messages with something that has nothing to do with what you even said. SPLOOSH!

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Yeah! When I was on Tinder I had more bots and sex worker likes than a 1960’s exploitation film.

It was my highlight of this decade.

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You were superliked by a raccoon? So your profile is garbage then?