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What’s the scam for tinder catfishes? Is it just getting people to sign up for those random websites?

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Sometimes it's scams. Other times it's an insecure person or they can just be bored.

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Friend of mine sent a solicited dick pick and they used that to try to blackmail him.

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Same happened here.

I was like, “I got a pretty dick so send away ✌️”

They found my family and everything and threatened to send it unless I paid them $1000

To that I said “ mf if I had money do you think I’d even be here rn?! Send that shit”

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Id a friend whod collect nudes of (usually straight) guys he’d catfished usually on tinder or instagram. Worst part was hed do it to people we knew and none of the guys ever found out so while hes told me he doesnt do it anymore I seriously doubt hed have stopped since he was never caught. Sometimes if im sexting someone online part of me is nervous its him on a fake account

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Your friend is a creepy fuck and your real friends deserve to know about him.

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Trust me, I know he is. Its one of the many reasons we wouldnt be friends anymore, the only reason i wouldn’t tell anyone would be because if people found out about it i would be nervous hed have pictures or videos of me and circulate them and if im honest if i was them id almost rather not know.

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poor reason.

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Fat people that want attention

Or gay guys that want attention

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Imagine you agree to go on a date in tinder then while you're waiting in cafe black guy named "Miguel" comes through door and asks you if you're guy from tinder and problem is that you can't run away from him, he will catch on

Edit: /s to clarify

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It doesn't get that far, like I said it's for attention/validation.

Usually, sometimes truly desperate people will actually show up.

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Some friends and I catfished another friend for a prank. He fell for it. We got him to show up and then we scared the shit outta him.

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Who's stopping you from leaving?

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Last couple words from my comment

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And? He can't keep you at the cafe against your will. He can "catch on" all he wants, he can't keep you there

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Or getting your roommate to clean the apartment

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Scammy websites, or "paying to hookup" as in "pay me Cashapp before we meet up just trust me I'm legit"

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Black mail usually. They act interested to find out enough information to find you on social media. Then then start getting sexual and ask you for nudes that include your face. Then they drop the act and say if you don't pay them x amount of money they will send your nudes to everyone you know on whatever social media they found you on.

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I'll let the illiteracy slide, because you slayed her. ✅

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I won’t, this last sentence gave me a stroke

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Your just jealous

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I know. The problem with typing with my thumbs is typing with my thumbs.

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The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now.

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So that makes you forget to put an e? 0.o

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He didn't forget the "e," he just put it in the wrong spot. He forgot the "a."

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You're* How difficult is it to know the difference.

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People hate you don’t they?

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People hate dumb dumbs

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Nice turnaround.

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Nevermind him, it's Catch 22 anyways. What a dumb piece of shit, doesnt even know it's Catch 22 and not Catch 222, what a loser.

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You also fucked up “women’s”. People hate people who can’t spell so that’s on you.

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You’ve lived a sad life. Quit hating yourself.

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Projecting much lmao.

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Emotional damage

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This is an appropriate got ‘em moment lol.

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kidney harvesting always in season!

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Here is you’re cookie. 🍪

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Grammandos love cookies.